Laura Loomer spoke to Breitbart News at CPAC 2020 for an exclusive interview that covered her experience as one of the most prominent targets of Big Tech censorship.

“When I was first permanently kicked off Twitter, they said that I had posted hate speech for a tweet in which I called congresswoman Ilhan Omar anti-Jewish,” said Loomer.

“Now we all know it’s completely true. I mean, even the Democrats had to pass a resolution condemning anti-semitism.”

Watch full video here: https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2020/03/04/laura-loomer-big-tech-censorship-cpac/#

“In May, when I was permanently banned on Facebook and Instagram, they designated me along with several others as a ‘dangerous individual’ — essentially designating me as a digital terrorist,” continued Loomer.

“So they defamed me, and they seem to think that I’m too dangerous to have access.”

“Along with Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, I’m banned on Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats … I’m banned on Venmo, GoFundMe… PayPal. Even Chase Bank shut down online access to my bank account.”

“Ultimately, I think they’re trying to use us as Patient Zero to see how far they can go in implementing these Chinese-style social credit scores systems.”

“When Chase Bank kicked me off, they kicked me off along with several other high profile conservative journalists and activists and then they denied it!”

“Project Veritas, of course, put on a hidden camera, went into Chase Bank, and their rep said ‘Oh, we’re not going to be giving access to people who lack moral character,’ that’s what they said.”

“People need to wake up. Our representatives need to do something about this, and unfortunately they’re not. Which is why I’m now running for Congress.”

Laura Loomer, CPAC 2020

“Even as a Congressional candidate, my campaign still doesn’t have access to Facebook or Twitter, Instagram or PayPal like every other candidate in the country does.”

“We’ve retained Charlie Spies, we’ve filed an FEC complaint against Twitter for giving illegal in-kind contributions to my opponent.”

“Regardless, I’m on Parler. I’m on Gab. I’m the front-runner.  I’m out-fundraising all of my opponents combined, including the Democrat incumbent, and when I get to Congress I’m going to hold Big Tech accountable.”

Laura Loomer