Anti-Trump lawyer Michael Avenatti, who once represented failed adult film star Stormy Daniels, realized life comes at you fast this week when he was convicted in federal court of trying to extort Nike, and woke up this morning in the same facility where Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Avenatti was charged and convicted of wire fraud, extortion, and transmitting a threat in an interstate communication. The California lawyer made several phone calls to Nike in March 2019, demanding more than $25 million from the sports apparel company and threatened to release damaging information he claimed to have on the company.

Prosecutors say at one point during a phone call with Nike, Avenatti threatened the company and exclaimed that he was “not f**king around!”

It seems Nike also realized that Avenatti’s bark was worse than his bite. This was not the first time Avenatti threatened legal action against others over the past few years, having taunted both Laura Loomer and Jacob Wohl on social media and in the press several times.

The “creepy porn lawyer” cheered the banning of Laura Loomer from Twitter last fall in a post that read, “.@twitter – Bravo for banning Laura Loomer, who trades in hatred, bigotry and conspiracy theories that target innocent people. People like her should not be enabled by Twitter. #Basta

He also did the same when Jacob Wohl was suspended from Twitter, but this time he threw in a whack joke about not being able to use the platform from a federal prison. This didn’t age well at all.

“Jacob Wohl’s account being suspended now makes proactive sense because you are not generally allowed to use one in a federal prison,” Avenatti tweeted in February of 2019.

In January 2019 when Loomer hopped the fence at Nancy Pelosi’s Napa valley estate where she famously set up a sanctuary tent with three illegal aliens from Mexico and Guatemala, Avenatti went as far as to call Loomer a nutcase, though the genius can’t spell or doesn’t understand how to use autocorrect.

“This woman is a complete nut case [sic] who deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

In March 2019, Avenatti tweeted,”I can’t begin to express how much I am looking forward to deposing Jacob Wohl, Jacob’s dad, and Laura Loomer, under oath, in our new case.”

Let’s also not forget Avenatti’s threats against Jacob Wohl after Avenatti’s felony domestic violence arrest:


Then there was that time he attacked Jacob Wohl’s father David on Twitter for calling him on his lack of credibility saying, “Keep spreading lies you hack. Your son is going to prison. And you might as well.” How’s that working out for you Avenatti?

Avenatti still has other court dates to look forward to. He will be fighting against federal charges accusing the lawyer of misappropriating close to $300,000 from former client Stormy Daniels. Once that is complete, he must appear in court in May in Los Angeles where several clients of Avenatti claim to have been defrauded by their one-time legal representative.

Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS summed up perfectly what the rest of us have been thinking in this Saturday morning tweet: “The very same liberal media that mocks & belittles Americans who voted for Donald Trump also coddled and promoted one of the biggest charlatans of our time, Michael Avenatti. Enjoy prison!”

“Darling of the Left” pictured here with a handful of some of the most outspoken Anti-Trumpers: April Ryan, Don Lemon, Anthony Scaramucci, and Kathy Griffin

In 2018, Avenatti made over 250 media appearances with over 100 times on CNN or MSNBC alone. Remember when Avenatti made an appearance on the View and Ana Navarro said the anti-Trump lawyer was “like the Holy Spirit”?

Donald Trump Jr. expressed his thoughts on Avenatti’s arrest on Twitter shortly after hearing about the conviction: “I look forward to Michael’s witty twitter retorts to the jury that just found him guilty in all counts. Though I’m told he is still doing well amongst the Democrat primary contenders. #basta MAGA: Michael Avenatti Going Away”

Check out this Avenatti montage by James Woods, who just returned to Twitter after an extended absence:

According to Forbes.com, Michael Avenatti now faces upwards of 47 years in prison.

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