By Evan Troxel

According to the Center for Responsive Politics (opensecrets.org), based on FEC data from January 31st, 2020, at this very moment, Hillary Clinton in 2016 is the only United States’ Congressional or Presidential candidate in history to accept $19,713 or more from Twitter in a single election cycle.

Think about that.

Not Bernie Sanders in either the 2016 ($17,035) or 2020 ($7,398) election cycles has…yet.

Not Elizabeth Warren in 2012 ($2,500), in 2018 ($123) or who at the moment here in 2020 could be the second person to do that ($18,667).

Not even Barack Obama who is loved by leftists everywhere could do that.  Obama received the 2nd highest total ever at $19,712, in 2012.

So I could say this headline should say “Hillary Clinton is the only Congressional or Presidential candidate to accept more than $100,000 from Twitter in an election cycle.”  It would be honest, but it might not exactly be accurate.


Hillary accepted more money from Twitter in 2016 ($124,524) than they handed out to all Congressional and Presidential candidates in their entire history prior to that ($38,162).  In 2016, she accepted more than 326% of the money Twitter gave out to all candidates prior to 2016.

Even if we include all of the money Twitter gave to candidates in their entire history through the 2016 election cycle ($236,208), Hillary still had more than 52 percent of that.

So you could say Hillary Clinton owns a significant amount of influence at Twitter.  Including the 2020 election cycle from the most recent FEC data as of January 31st, 2020, she has received 21.02% of the money Twitter has given her. 

Twitter has given $592,300 to all candidates in their history.

Twitter has given less money to candidates in the current election cycle than in the previous election cycle only twice.  Once was in 2010 (there is no known data on opensecrets.org about that) and the other was in 2014. 

So that means Twitter gave more money to candidates in 2016 than it did in 2014 and more in 2018 than it did during 2016.

The question now is, how much money will Twitter give away to candidates in 2020? 

If Twitter gives away more money in 2020 than they did 2018, they will be giving away more than $268,179.  That could indicate Hillary Clinton is running for President and probably won the Democratic Party presidential nomination again.

If Twitter gives away more money in 2020 than they did in the election cycle before the last election cycle (2016), Twitter will be giving away more than $198,046 to Congressional and Presidential candidates. 

At the moment, if we assume we are 40 percent of the way through the 2020 election cycle, Twitter will be giving candidates a total of almost $220,000. 

But this is the year 2020 where Republicans badly want President Trump to be re-elected so that their First and Second Amendment rights will be protected for 4 more years. 

Democrats, on the other hand, are hell-bent on making sure Trump (or any Republican for that matter) doesn’t win in 2020 and will do almost anything to see that result happen. 

People need to realize that in 2020 Republicans and Democrats will butt heads like never before. 

So don’t be surprised if Twitter gives candidates more than they gave in 2018 ($268,179), or more than $300,000 when we’re all said and done at the end of the 2020 election cycle.


In 2008, Twitter gave Barack Obama $1,000 and he received 100% of the funds.  In 2010, there is no data on the opensecrets.org website that Twitter gave money to any candidates. 

In 2012, Obama took $19,712 from Twitter (75.93%) and he was the only candidate to accept at least $10,000. 

Elizabeth Warren took $2,500 and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took $250.

There were only six candidates who accepted money from Twitter totaling $25,962. 

In 2014, only five people accepted money from Twitter totaling $11,200. 

In 2016, Twitter gave $198,046 to candidates. 

Hillary Clinton took $124,524 (which again was more than half that all Congressional and presidential candidates received at 62.88%) while Bernie Sanders accepted $17,035 (8.60%). 

They were the only two people to accept at least 10,000 from Twitter in 2016. 

In 2018, Twitter gave candidates $268,179. 

There were seven people who accepted at least $10,000 from Twitter in 2018, but in 2020, that number has gone back down to two people for the moment. 

Those seven people who accepted at least $10,000 from Twitter in 2018 are: Jacky Rosen (D-NV) $13,989; Josh Harder (D-CA) $12,766; Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) $12,485; Doug Jones (D-AL) $11,616; JD Scholten (D-IA) $11,509; Jared Golden (D-ME) $11,343; and Jess King (D-PA) $10,504.

Kamala Harris ($12,972) and Elizabeth Warren ($18,667), those two candidates who have each accepted at least $10,000 from Twitter in 2020, have combined to accept $31,639 (35.99%), which is less than half of all of the money given to candidates.

But Harris’ and Warren’s combined totals in 2020, are a significantly higher percentage than what the top two Democrats accepted in 2018 which was $26,755 (9.98%), and it is also a little bit higher percentage than what the top seven candidates (who all happen to be Democrats) and accepted at least $10,000 from Twitter in 2018 (31.40%).

The Big Tech giant has given $87,913 to candidates in 2020. 

The top person who received money from Twitter has never accepted less than half of all the money given to all candidates from Twitter in a presidential election year.

Twitter has given Bernie Sanders $7,398 in 2020, Pete Buttigieg $6,201 and Tom Steyer has accepted $5,275. Andrew Yang has accepted $2,233 and Amy Klobuchar has taken $1,189.

Former Democratic Party presidential candidates Cory Booker ($2,995) and Beto O’Rourke ($1,908) also accepted at least $1,000 from Twitter in 2020.

*This article was written by broadcast journalist, Evan Troxel and originally published on his site. To read more by Troxel or for the original article, please read here.