Late last year, the FBI secretly launched a bombshell new investigation into Ilhan Omar… over reports that she married her brother to commit U.S. immigration fraud.

Now, this investigation is growing… with two more federal agencies getting involved, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s going on here:

  • Ilhan Omar broke the law… defrauding our immigration system, lying to sneak her brother into the country, and possibly committing incest. (Gross.)
  • I uncovered the truth as an investigative journalist about Ilhan Omar years ago.
  • The far-left mainstream media and their allies in Big Tech ran interference… banning me and other like-minded conservatives from social media, and attempting to bury any negative story about Ilhan Omar.

2020 is the year that we stop the corruption of the mainstream media.

Right now, we’re busy building up our own newsroom and hiring more conservative journalists and writers to uncover and report the truth.

We can’t do it without the help of conservatives across the nation… people like you.

I want you to know exactly where your donations are going… so here’s the streamlined monthly budget we’ve created to build out a truth-focused newsroom:

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  • $166 per month to pay for graphics and photos,

Coupled with other expenses, our preliminary operating budget is $10,000 per month.

I’ll be completely upfront: right now, this is money we do not have. I’m counting on your help to make up the difference.

You and I both know: the mainstream media isn’t going to change. The only way to get the truth out to the American people is to do it ourselves… and beat the liberal media at their own game.

Will you empower our team to do just that?

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Laura Loomer

P.S. Ilhan Omar is under investigation by the FBI… and the mainstream media won’t report it.

Will you help us build out our newsroom… so we can report the truth to the American people? Please pitch in just $17, $33, or even $51 right away.

Laura Loomer