While I’ve been banned by Big Tech, I’ve been contacting legislators across the country to inform them about Social Media Bias.  

I was recently contacted by Florida State Senator Joe Gruters and was deeply honored when he invited me to a press conference that will be held this afternoon in the Florida State Capital.

Senator Gruters, who is also the Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, will be introducing legislation that will allow Floridians to sue social media companies that censor their speech!

The bill awards a MINIMUM of $75,000 in damages against social media companies that, “deletes or censors the user’s religious speech or political speech; or uses an algorithm to disfavor or censure the user’s religious speech or political speech.

I’ll be in Tallahassee today with Senator Gruters as he unveils the game-changing legislation.

I’ll report back to you afterward, but I am THRILLED that this is happening!

Once it passes the Florida statehouse, I’ll be working to enact similar legislation in states around the nation – and the impact will stop the bias dead in its tracks!

As you know, I’ve filed suit against Facebook, Twitter, and CAIR over their censorship and coordination to have me banned on the Internet.

With Senator Gruters’ new legislation our first job will be to put it to the test by being the first to sue.  Click here to help fund the first steps to make that happen.

The Social Media Giants are in the midst of a crackdown on conservatives before the 2020 elections.

They want as many people silenced as possible who promote conservative views so they don’t end up influencing others ahead of Election Day.

But with this new legislation, they’ll have to AT LEAST avoid the practice in Florida, and your state could be next!

Thank you so much for your support over the years. It’s the constant pressure that makes victories like this possible, and you’ve helped make this happen. So thank you.

But we can’t let up now! As a matter of fact, we have to turn up the heat! Help me do that today but donating to the first lawsuit against Big Tech under Senator Gruters’ new bill!

Thank you again for all that you do.


Laura Loomer

P.S. If you are in Florida and would like to attend the press conference, it will be at 3 pm in the Senate Chamber in Tallahassee today. If you can’t make it, you can still be a part of this historic victory by donating today.