Kim Coulter, niece and God Daughter to Conservative lawyer and Commentator Ann Coulter, is making her own path in political commentary. Her conservative family gave her an atypical viewpoint on modern politics in contrast to her peers. Growing up in New York City watching
Ann sell books, argue on news shows, and make Coulter a household name was empowering to witness for a young girl who was hesitant to accept the liberalism that consumed her city.

“I was often bullied into not admiring Ann growing up,” says Kim. “Most adults in my life who I encountered would say she was a really evil person, but I always admired how fearless she was in the face of all those who talk about women being oppressed while verbally bashing women who disagree with them politically. Ann showed me that Liberals aren’t morally
superior, nicer or less hypocritical. They tend to be the exact opposite.”

After moving from New York to California, Kim became increasingly interested in conservative ideals, considering the decaying state of both cities despite their portrayed glamour. While working in LA Kim was introduced to right wing media personality Lucian Wintrich who
encouraged her to pursue a career closer to politics like her Aunt. This lead to her introduction to media entities like Ali Alexander, Cassandra Fairbanks, Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec.

This rightward shift culminated in a “red pill” moment last year when Kim was fired from her part time job for refuting a coworkers claim that investigate journalists should be put to death. She advocated for ‘Stop The Bias’ and for her effort was fired over text message.After Kim was
fired, she was invited on for an interview with the widely popular political and social commentator Tim Pool on one of his daily segments of ‘Tim Cast.’ Being fired turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it lead her to working closer with conservative publications as a journalist and independent content creator.

For the last year she has been working as a journalist for the Rundown News and the National File with a specific focus of big tech censorship.

Recently, Kim spoke at America First Xmas Bash for Trump in Hershey PA, and has made appearances on InfoWars Fire Power News, and Censored. TV’s ‘Friday Night’s All Right,’ hosted by Milo Yiannopoulos. Kim produces videos on Bitchute under her developing brand Coulter Culture where she has hosted interviews and commentary videos.

Kim has recently formed Motivated Armed Girls of America (MAGA) in an attempt to counter misinformation published to dissuade Americans from fully exercising their 2nd amendment rights.

It is not obvious when Kim’s Twitter account (@coulterculture) was subjected to the commonly known shadow banning algorithm, but this ban became more apparent after posting a photograph celebrating her birthday dinner with Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter. All subsequent
photographs posted by Kim have been automatically deemed sensitive content which requires viewers opt-in before viewing, a policy traditionally reserved for pornography or graphic violence.

At the time of this writing, Kimberly has been outright suspended from twitter, but you can follow this enthusiastic up-and-comer by reading her work at National File and the Rundown News, subscribing to her Bitchute Channel, Instagram or telegram channels @coulterculture,
check out her new page for all things Second Amendment @MotivedArmedGirlsofAmerica.

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