By 2040, Muslims will outnumber Jews in the United States. By 2050, the Muslim population will reach 8.1 million.

In the UK, Muslims are the fastest-growing faith group in the country – while allegiance to Christianity continues to decline.

The figures were produced by the Office for National Statistics as part of a research project to try for the first time to make regular assessments of the size of different ethnic and religious groups.

In the United States, those identifying as Christians has dropped twelve percentage points in the last ten years according to Pew Research. 65% of American adults describe themselves as Christians.

In 2012, the estimates for the Jewish population in the U.S. was between 1.7% and 2.6% of the population or somewhere between 5.5 million and eight million.

The UK is also seeing a drop in Christians which are rapidly being replaced by practicing Muslims.

The research report said: ‘There is a decline for the Christian group, though it remains the largest group in England. 

‘The lower proportion of the population in the Christian group is counteracted by higher proportions of all the other groups, with the largest increases seen for the Muslim, none or not stated, and other faith groups.’

One of the chief reasons for the rise in the Muslim population…polygamy. If each Muslim man has four or five wives, and those four or five wives give birth to four or five children_well you can do the math. No one knows how many Muslims in the U.S. live in polygamous families. But according to academics researching the issue, estimates range from 50,000 to 100,000 people. BUT these statistics haven’t been updated in 12 years because of limitations on the census. You aren’t allowed to ask a person’s faith. The bottom line_we have no idea how many polygamous marriages are out there.