2019 was probably the most challenging year of my life, thus far. 2019 was the year I had to struggle with feeling like a non-person after I was digitally exterminated. 2019 was a year in which I was severely defamed, threatened, and targeted by some of the most powerful people and companies in the world. I was betrayed by people I thought I could trust, and left for the wolves for simply reporting the truth. I was attacked by people on both the Left and Right who only know me from what they have read about me on tech sites I’m banned from.

There were days I wanted to walk away from it all. 2019 taught me how to accept loneliness, because as I learned, the quickest way to make a person feel isolated is to ban them from virtually everywhere and shut them off from communicating with their peers online. The quickest way to drive someone into isolation in the modern, digital era is by launching a fake news smear campaign full of false accusations and titles like “racist”, “white supremacist”, “dangerous”, “toxic”, “Conspiracy theorist”, and “anti-Muslim”.

BUT, 2019 was the year I promised myself I would never give up and learned how to channel my adversity for bigger and better things. 2019 was the year I learned about the power of prayer.

2019 was the year everything I worked for was taken from me in acts of censorship and bias. 2019 was the year I became “The Most Banned Woman In The World”. But it was also the year I embarked on the next chapter of my life.

I began the year in a slump, upset about being banned from Twitter in November of 2018 for a tweet in which I called Ilhan Omar “anti-Jewish”. I was banned for being the first journalist to confront and expose Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Prior to them winning their elections when nobody knew who they were, I was on the ground in Minnesota exposing Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism, her ties to terrorist orgs, the fact that she married her brother, and her campaign finance fraud.


I called Fox News, CNN, MSNBC. I emailed and called everyone I knew in the media warning them about the women running for office who are now referred to as “the squad”, although I prefer to call them the “Hamas caucus”.

Everyone told me I was “crazy” and that it was asinine to think a congressional candidate married her brother. They said I was making it up when I said Ilhan Omar advocated for 9 men accused of joining ISIS in Minnesota. They said I was over exaggerating when I said she raised money for HAMAS and was supported by terrorist organizations.

Now everyone sees I was right, regardless of whether or not they want to admit it… but they want the credit for themselves while I have been banned, de-platformed, and subjected to civil rights violations that have been unreported by the complicit mainstream media.

In 2018, people called me a conspiracy theorist for reporting these facts that everyone is now reporting on as “new information” in 2019. For being an intrepid reporter, I was called “anti Muslim”, and I was viciously targeted and attacked by the radical left and their jihadist accomplices, many of whom have called for me to be killed and assaulted for reporting the truth.

At the end of November, just one week after being banned from Twitter, I famously handcuffed myself to the door of Twitter’s headquarter office where I protested my ban and Twitter’s politically motivated double standard with regards to their terms of service, and bias against conservatives.

The protest became the number one trend on Twitter in the world. When the protest ended, pundits on the Left and Right said I would never amount to anything else in life. They said my career was dead, and that I would fade into irrelevancy after I was banned.

For about a month, I felt defeated. I had no more income, and I felt silenced.

But if I learned anything from 2019, it’s the power of manifesting one’s own destiny. 2019 taught me that no matter what others say about me, my destiny is in my own hands, and persistence will always beat the resistance.

Even after being banned on Twitter in 2018, here is a recap of what I was still able to accomplish in 2019.


On January 14th, 2019, I found real illegal aliens from Mexico and Guatemala and brought them to Nancy Pelosi’s California mansion where we hopped over her wall during the government shutdown and set up an illegal alien sanctuary on her lawn. Once on her lawn, I live streamed the video and had the illegal aliens set up a sanctuary tent on her lawn which was decorated with pictures of American victims of illegal immigrants.

The video effectively exposed Pelosi’s hypocrisy regarding illegal immigration, border walls, and the concept of seeking sanctuary. As the leading Democrat in Congress, she was exposed as a hypocrite for demanding that Americans allow illegals to seek sanctuary in their communities while she herself wouldn’t even allow myself and three illegal aliens to seek sanctuary on her lawn.

One week later on January 19, I stormed the stage of the Women’s March in NYC where I took the microphone from the lead organizer and shouted “The Women’s March hates Jews”. Although the mainstream media refuses to give me credit, it was my reporting in October of 2018 that forced the Women’s March to implode after I confronted Women’s March leader Alyssa Milano at Politicon about her associations with Linda Sarsour, another Women’s March organizer who hates Jews and is pro-Sharia Law.


The video quickly went viral, and one week later, multiple Women’s March organizers, including Milano disavowed Sarsour for her anti-Semitism. My reporting highlighted the fact that the Women’s March was a front for the nation of Islam that made Jew haters and Sharia advocates their spokespeople.

While at the Women’s March, I chased Alexandria Ocasio Cortez down the street and asked her about why she supports anti-Semites and her terror tied colleagues who support HAMAS and ISIS. The video went viral and made the New York Post and many other publications the next day.

One week after destroying the Women’s March, I flew back to California where I returned with my immorality tent, but this time, at the California Governor’s mansion where Governor Gavin Newsom lives.

Ben Bergquam and I dressed up in sombreros and ponchos, and dropped bags of poop and needles onto the lawn of the Governor’s mansion to highlight the living conditions Newsom’s policies had resulted in for the people of California. We hopped over the wall of the California Governor’s mansion, and were arrested by police and sent to the Sacramento County Jail.

The protest was retweeted by Donald Trump Jr.

My immigration protest to highlight how Democrats choose illegals over American citizens was quickly blocked on Facebook live and censored online. After being arrested, I was charged with trespassing. For Gavin Newsom, it is perfectly acceptable for illegal aliens to hop over the US Mexico border illegally, and his Democrat allies think illegal aliens should be welcomed with open arms. But, god forbid you step onto his lawn and take him up on his “everyone is welcome here” policy, and he will have you arrested!

My attorney informed me that Newsom was urging the DA to put me in jail for 15 days, charge me with trespassing, and give me probation for three years. However, several months later the charges were dropped after I showed up to my court date with Angel Moms whose children were murdered by illegal aliens. The day of my court date, Gavin Newsom just happened to be in El Salvador advocating for illegals in the Central American caravan to illegally cross into America.


2019 was also the year I was de-platformed and banned everywhere. Here is a quick timeline of the bans in 2019:

January 8, 2019: The Wall Street Journal broke a story exposing how Left wing groups and CAIR were working to silence conservatives.The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) admitted to meeting with Twitter to request that I was banned.

January 9, 2019: Venmo which is owned by PayPal banned me.


February 5, 2019: PayPal and Teespring banned me. When asked why I was banned, PayPal told Newsweek magazine it was because “My values aren’t their values”.

Tucker Carlson reported on the fact that I was banned by PayPal in a segment on his show.

February 19, 2019: Chase bank suspended my access to my online banking one day before my scheduled social media bias protest at Twitter in NYC

Because of all of the bans, 2019 was a very difficult year for me financially.

I lost 90% of my income and was banned from major payment processors. When I thought it couldn’t get worse, Chase bank suspended my access to my online banking the day before I was scheduled to have a protest at Twitter in New York City.

Although the mainstream media prefers to act like I don’t exist, I am still very active and I am still exposing radical leftists and corruption, and I am still taking on the big tech tyrants in court through various lawsuits I have filed.

Lawsuits aren’t cheap. In 2019, I spent nearly $200,000 on legal fees alone, which depleted my savings.

I am extremely thankful for the thousands of people on the internet who have donated to my legal defense fund.


In March, I attended CPAC. While I was at CPAC, I questioned CNN’s Oliver Darcy about why he was working with Twitter to deplatform conservatives. Unwilling to answer my very reasonable and fact based question, Darcy and his buddies from the radical left-leaning SPLC and Right Wing Watch complained to CPAC and accused me of “harassing” them. Other reporters who think independent journalism isn’t worthy of respect were triggered that I had a press pass for CPAC.

Naturally, they wrote hit pieces about me being in the press area, and the next day I was banned by CPAC for simply asking a Fake News reporter a question.

While at CPAC, I ran into Donald Trump Jr and had a conversation with him about social media bias. I gave him one of my iconic red #STOPTHEBIAS hats and told him to talk to his father about big tech bias against conservatives.

Shortly after, President Trump tweeted #STOPTHEBIAS.


On April 18, 2019, I filed a lawsuit against Twitter and CAIR. My lawsuit is still ongoing.

On April 30th, I traveled to San Francisco with my production team and I set up a projector at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s house in the evening while he was home, and I projected the names of banned conservatives onto his house. Being banned on Twitter, I Periscoped the protest. However, Twitter owns Periscope, and during my protest, Twitter banned me in real time from Periscope while I was standing in his driveway.

Twitter also banned the Laura Loomer Fan Club account and their Periscope as well.


Two days later, on May 2, 2019, I was permanently banned on Facebook and Instagram and designated a “dangerous individual” by Facebook. Facebook coordinated my ban and the banning of several other high profile conservatives, which caused the story to become a scandal that even President Trump himself tweeted about.

The day after I was banned by Facebook and Instagram, I went to Facebook headquarters in California to confront them about why I was banned and deemed “dangerous” while actual terrorist organizations like ISIS and HAMAS are still allowed to use Facebook. The video exposed how Facebook is decorated in Islamic and communist propaganda. Instead of answering my questions, Facebook called the police on me and permanently banned me from the property.

After I was banned on May 2, 2019, I yet again felt a sense of defeat and found myself feeling hopeless.

I had planned a trip to Israel many months prior in May of 2019, and although I invested a lot of money into the trip, I had been banned, and wasn’t able to broadcast all of my content from my national security trip in Israel.

While in Israel in May, I visited all of the borders and compared the Israeli border walls with the one currently being built in the United States. I Interviewed Israeli security experts and produced several videos about the lies surrounding “Apartheid” in Israel.

On May 21, I turned 26 years old and spent my birthday in Israel pondering about my next moves.


On July 6, I gave a speech about tech bias and censorship at the Demand Free Speech rally in DC. I had to have security the entire time because ANTIFA was threatening to attack me and throw acid in my face.


On July 10, in response to being labeled a “Dangerous individual”, I filed a $3 BILLION defamation lawsuit against Facebook. That lawsuit is still ongoing.

The day that I filed my defamation lawsuit against Facebook, Facebook updated their terms of service to say that it was ok to post death threats against people who Facebook deemed “dangerous”. Facebook designated me as “dangerous” in May. In other words, Facebook declared open season on my life.

I also made headway on my anti-Trust lawsuit that was filed in November, 2018 against Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Apple. In August, the D.C. Court of Appeals agreed to hear the merits of my lawsuit against Google. 

Google Inc., Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., and Apple Inc.  lost their bid for a quick ruling upholding the dismissal of claims that they conspire to suppress conservative views online.

Although this was a huge legal victory on my behalf, not a single mainstream media network reported on these lawsuits.

On July 17, I traveled to Minnesota where I gave several speeches about the threat of Sharia, the consequences of Islamic immigration, and Ilhan Omar’s ties to terrorist organizations and her marriage fraud. My visit to Rochester, Minnesota made the front page of the Minnesota Paper after CAIR tried to get my event shut down.


After I was de-platformed, and after seeing the rise of radical voices in Congress on the Left, I decided to run for United States Congress, because I do not want America to become a Socialist country. I officially filed to run for Congress in Florida’s 21st Congressional District on August 2, 2019. 

Despite being banned on Twitter, within minutes of filing to run for Congress, I was the number one trend on Twitter and was the top story on Drudge Report for 72 hours.

When I announced that I was running for Congress, haters on the left and right said I would never win and that I wouldn’t raise any money.

At the end of August, I filed a lawsuit against Rashida Tlaib for assault and battery, and I had her officially served on September 11. Tlaib violently assaulted me and tried to steal my phone in Minnesota at one of her joint campaign events with Ilhan Omar when I asked her to condemn HAMAS.



At the end of my first FEC report, the left-wing media was writing stories predicting that I didn’t raise a dime. Well, to their shock and horror, I out fundraised all of my GOP primary opponents combined TIMES seven, plus Lois Frankel, my Democrat opponent who is a four term incumbent.

The political world was shocked.

Throughout the last few months, I have secured endorsements from Congressman Paul Gosar, Roger Stone, Michelle Malkin, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Bo Snerdley, Pete Hegseth, Juanita Broaddrick, Wayne Allyn Root, Chuck Woolery and many more to come.

To finish the year off, President Donald Trump re-tweeted a tweet in support of my Congressional campaign! This is especially exciting given the fact that President and Mrs. Trump recently became residents and voters in FL District 21 where I am running for Congress, which means on Election Day, they will be voting for me.

I distinctly remember ending 2018 by saying in 2019, President Trump will know who I am and will publicly recognize me.

Looks like I was right! And I feel proud about that.

While 2019 has been challenging and the fight is far from over, persistence beats the resistance. What has been the most challenging year of my career is gearing up to be the best year of my life.

So here’s to 2020. The year I become a United States Congresswoman!