Neoconservative strategist Rick Wilson, an avowed Never Trump Republican, argued on Twitter in favor of the government taking away children from vaccine reform advocates and locking them in “re-education camps” reminiscent of communist Chinese prisons.

“Anti-vaxxers are a scourge and a strong argument for re-education camps, the immediate seizure of their property, and putting their children into protective custody,” tweeted Wilson.

Wilson was reacting to an NBC News story that claimed people that question the safety of vaccines are “harassing doctors and private citizens,” by questioning doctors in person. Many vaccine reform advocates have been censored online by Big Tech giants like Facebook and Google.

In September, over 400 protesters gathered at the California state capitol building in Sacramento to protest SB 276.

The draconian law gives the state power to punish doctors who provide medical exemptions for children needed to avoid taking vaccines required to attend public schools.

Many believe the bill will crack down on medical exemptions so that the only way a child can qualify for an exemption from vaccines to attend school is if they experience encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) or anaphylactic shock. Under this interpretation of the law, even if a child has a seizure after taking a vaccine, that would not qualify as a reason to be exempt anymore, and a parent with a child already injured by a vaccine would not qualify for an exemption for other children.

Corporate news including NBC has reported the story of this law as a “crack down on fraudulent vaccine exemptions.”

However, The California Globe has reported, “Of the fraudulent exemptions cases that the Medical Board of California has investigated to date, there have been no fraudulent medical exemptions found.”

Regarding the corporate media’s treatment of vaccine reform advocates, journalist Mike Cernovich, who attended the Sacramento protest, wrote “Nearly every mother I’ve spoken to is not properly described as ‘anti-vaxx,’ as most vaccinated at least one child, leading to what they claim is a vaccine-related injury. ‘Ex-vaxx’ would be a more accurate descriptor,” and added “This is a maligned group and some of you should be ashamed of yourselves for how you treat and talk about them.”

Corporations like Merck that have had to pay billion dollar settlements for drugs with deadly effects like Vioxx – effects that Merck admittedly had knowledge of in advance of selling the drug – also sell vaccines that many have reported catastrophic results from using.

Big Tech has censored critics of poorly manufactured vaccines, with Google removing 140,000 pages related to NaturalNews.com alone. This is just another example of Democrats partnering with Big Tech to effect policy and potentially alter elections.

Wilson previously revealed that he believes his criticism of Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard made him a personal target of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I go at [Tulsi Gabbard] and suddenly I’ve [been] getting phishing emails by the score and password reset requests on all my accounts,” tweeted Wilson in August. “But it’s totally not the Putin machine.”

Ironically, Wilson has also been called out for saying, “There’s always a conspiracy. There’s always the ‘they,’ in brackets, going after them,” in an attempt to take down President Trump. Even more ironically, Wilson continued his attempted take down by adding, “I mean, this is a sign of how fundamentally weak Donald Trump is. The guy is a quivering blob of man baby goo. He’s just — he’s just a child. And he acts like this stompy-footed, tantrum-throwing infant all the time because he knows his base loves that sense of alienation.”