One year ago today, the original idea for an official fan club for Laura Loomer was birthed following her permanent ban from Twitter by supporter and long time friend, Bill. The official Laura Loomer Fan Club emerged partly out of love, respect and admiration, and partly due to necessity.

Last November, conservative firebrand Laura Loomer was banned from Twitter after the social media giant deemed one of her tweets exhibited “hateful conduct”. The tweet in question mentioned Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) supporting female genital mutilation, being pro-Sharia and anti-Jewish, all of which Rep. Omar has stated publicly. Twitter determined the tweet was in violation of their Terms of Service policy and quickly banned Loomer’s personal account, which as a journalist, she also used for business purposes. In one fell swoop, Loomer lost more than a quarter of a million followers. Her supporters were justifiably outraged and wanted to find a way that they could follow Loomer’s work and continue to support their favorite investigative journalist.

The tweet Twitter claimed was against their TOS.
Laura Loomer’s response to being banned from Twitter, November 2018.

Bill decided to create a new account on Twitter, @LoomerFanClub, where Loomer enthusiasts could keep up with news regarding the journalist, follow her work on other platforms through external links, and show their continued support by way of retweets and original hashtags. It was their hope that with enough public support, Loomer would be allowed back on Twitter. Unfortunately, that never came to fruition.

In fact, the opposite occurred, with other companies joining in on the de-platforming and de-personing of Loomer, banning her from using their platforms or denying her the ability to use their services. Laura Loomer is currently banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, PayPal, Patreon, Airbnb, Lyft, Uber, Uber Eats, Venmo, GoFundMe, MGM Resorts, and Chase Bank.

Official Laura Loomer Fan Club Twitter account

Popular Twitter hashtags such as #LauraLoomer and #StopTheBias, which Loomer created and used in her #StopTheBias campaign, inspired the fan club to coin a few hashtags of their own including #LoomersArmy, #FreeLoomerFanClub, and #IAmLoomer, which is “derived from #IAmBreitbart,” the Laura Loomer Fan Club website reads.

The website highlighted a speech from #CPAC19 of Michelle Malkin in which she said of Andrew Breitbart, “It may be a coincidence or maybe it’s providential that I am privileged enough to speak here today on the seven year anniversary of Andrew Breitbart’s death, God bless him. He was a disruptor. He was a disruptor among defenders of the status quo. We need more like him. That is the future.”

Michelle Malkin, CPAC 2019

“Laura ended up banned from CPAC, which resulted in being on Drudge 2 and 1/2 days with the headline: The Disruptor, Laura Loomer. Laura Loomer is a historical figure, a disruptor like Andrew. Laura Loomer is a disruptor of the status quo,” the Laura Loomer Fan Club website states.  

Andrew Breitbart: ‘Battle of Our Times”

This past summer, Laura Loomer stood outside of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s home in protest of her ban from Twitter. “I rented a projector and staked out a home in San Francisco until the sun went down. As soon as it was pitch black, I flipped on the projector, turned on my speakers and projected the names of conservatives who have been silenced by Twitter onto the garage door of Jack Dorsey’s home,” Loomer explained in her piece “I Went to Jack Dorsey’s House”.

“Jack is the CEO of Twitter and has had the ability to offer a fair platform for political speech . . . but he doesn’t,” Loomer continues. “Conservatives like me are banned, yet members of the Muslim Brotherhood? Yep, they spew their propaganda at will.”

The Laura Loomer Fan Club streamed the event live on Twitter via Periscope, but it was only available for a short amount of time on the platform due to Twitter immediately blocking the video and putting a 12-hour ban on the account. Ironic.

Live stream of Laura Loomer protesting outside of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s home
@LoomerFanClub receives 12-hour ban following live stream.

Footage from that night was uploaded to the Laura Loomer YouTube channel and can be viewed in its entirety below.

Loomer outside the home of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Supporters commented under the tweet that hosted a link to the live Periscope of Laura at Dorsey’s home claiming they could not view the live stream and assumed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey “shut down” the video, scrubbing it from the social media platform entirely.

Twitter users began to inquire about @jack censoring Loomer’s live stream

Bill was unable to access the account after the 12-hour ban lifted, and the account was permanently suspended. The @LoomerFanClub had over 25,000 followers at the time of their suspension.

The suspension didn’t come as a surprise though, considering far-left Twitter takes every opportunity to shut down anything and everything “Loomer,” and Bill had prepared for this inevitability. Even after having been permanently banned from Twitter, Loomer found herself as one of the top trending topics on the platform several times.

In addition to the fan club’s Twitter account, Bill also created accounts on other social media platforms. There is a Facebook page for supporters and an official Laura Loomer Fan Club Instagram account, which has seen exponential growth since its December 2018 inception.

Official Laura Loomer Fan Club Instagram Account

The Laura Loomer Fan Club has since expanded, moving much of its original Twitter base to the alternative social media platform Parler, hosting videos on YouTube, and more recently, creating a Telegram channel. You can also follow Laura Loomer on her Telegram channel, and Parler, in addition to viewing her videos on the Laura Loomer YouTube channel.

Many of Loomer’s fans follow her not only for her fearlessness, investigative skills, and tenacity, but because of her ability to connect with her fan base on an emotional level.

“The Laura Loomer Fan Club is deeply rooted and connected to Laura Loomer by a not so unusual emotional connection.”

-Bill from the Laura Loomer Fan Club

“Have you watched any President Trump rallies when President Trump talks about meeting backstage with a big, strong guy, with tears coming down on his face who told the president ‘Thank you Mr. President for saving our country’? This happens all the time. These men are longing for a leader. This is the type of emotional connection people have with Laura,” Bill explained.

One example he pointed to was just last month at The American Priority Conference (#AMPfest19) held at Trump National Doral Miami. “While walking with Laura down a canopy-covered pathway that wound through the palms, from what the staff referred to as the DJT ballroom back to the clubhouse, we spotted a woman walking down the path toward us. I saw that she recognized Laura, I could see the emotion in her face as we approached, barely able to hold back tears…”

The woman approached Loomer, striking up a conversation with her about the outrageous censorship the Jewish journalist has endured this past year. “Seriously from the bottom of my heart please keep doing what you’re doing, my family – we love you, we support you. Just keep going, a lot of us support you,” the woman said.


Loomer headlines at #AMPFEST19

Bill said he had heard of Laura Loomer, but that it wasn’t until she stormed the stage of “Shakespeare in the Park” in 2017 that he really started to pay attention to Loomer and her message. “I said to myself, ‘I love this girl!'”

Loomer discussed her reasoning behind interrupting the play on Fox News’ Hannity:

Loomer on Hannity, June 2017

“I knew the instant I talked to Laura that this is one very smart, unique woman. In my mind, I instantly compared Laura to Andrew Breitbart who I once had the honor of meeting, in Madison during the Act 10 Walker Protests.”

– Bill from the Laura Loomer Fan Club

“We’d become friends, we talked, texted, DM’d, FaceTimed, we laughed (a lot) and cried. When Laura was banned off of Twitter it was devastating for her. I remember one phone call after Twitter kicked her off, we were both crying, me because I’d been in this game for a while and knew what they will do to any independent thinkers, anyone who isn’t a sheep, they will try to destroy you. I learned this by working for outsider candidates, Tea Party candidates going against the establishment in Wisconsin. Who by the way, have a cute saying when people refer to them as the establishment; they say with a straight face, ‘We aren’t the establishment we are just established.’ I knew what Laura was up against.”

Visit the Laura Loomer Fan Club website for more information on how you can support Laura Loomer, join the fight against conservative censorship online, and continue to follow her work.

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