On Friday morning, Mohammed Saeed Ashamrani, a Saudi Arabian national who was studying in the United Sates as an aviation student, carried out a terrorist attack at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida.

According to investigators, the terrorist was a member of the Saudi Arabian Air Force who has been in the United States since 2017, and was eligible to stay in the United States till August 2020. Pentagon officials said Ashamrani was taking courses in aviation, pilot training, and English at the Naval Station where he killed three people , and injured several others.

Prior to carrying out the attack, Ashamrani reportedly posted a tweet about his motives. According to the Middle east Research Institute, an individual with an account that matches the terrorist’s digital footprint posted the following anti-American, and anti-Israel tweet on the day of the attack. The tweet has since been archived:

“O American people – I’m not against you for being American, I don’t hate you because your freedoms, I hate you because every day you supporting, funding and committing crimes not only against Muslims but against humanity,” the post read.

“What I see from America is the supporting of Israel which is invasion of Muslim countrie (sic), I see invasion of many countries by it’s troops, I see Guantanamo Bay. I see cruise missiles, cluster bombs and UAV.”

The fact that the terrorist chose to use Twitter to voice his motive prior to committing his terrorist attack is extremely alarming given that Saudi Arabia is increasing its stronghold over big tech social media companies in Silicon Valley.

Unknown to many people is the fact that Saudi Arabian Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal is the second largest shareholder of Twitter stock. The Saudi billionaire doubled his stake in Twitter in 2015. Al-Waleed bin Talal is said to be the richest man in the Arab world. In 2017, Al-Waleed bin Talal was arrested in Saudi Arabia in a crackdown on corruption.

Last month, two Saudi Arabian Twitter employees were charged with spying for Saudi Arabia. Court documents filed in San Francisco, California accused the Saudi twitter employees of illegally surveilling thousands of private accounts and taking the personal information of critics of the Riyadh government, for which they were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Twitter is arguably one of the most powerful tech companies in the world.

When we look at the terrorist attack at the Pensacola Naval Center as well as the fact that Twitter has been employing Islamic spies who could have been spying on American citizens, it is undeniable that America has been infiltrated by Islamic supremacist enemies who are are endangering American national security with the help of big tech.

According to the New York Post,

“As many as four Saudi-born 9/11 hijackers may have been alums of the Navy’s Pensacola training base where Ashamrani shot three people dead Friday.

The four hijackers are believed to have lived on the base, in housing for Naval Air Station Pensacola’s foreign military trainees, in the years before the 9/11 attacks, according to multiple news accounts from September 2001.

While Saudi Arabian spies are working for Twitter and a Saudi Arabian terrorist was able to use Twitter to post his motive before opening fire at an American Naval base, Twitter is more focused on banning Conservatives and suppressing Conservative speech on Twitter.

Conservative investigative journalist Laura Loomer was permanently banned from Twitter November 21, 2018 for a tweet in which she called Ilhan Omar “anti Jewish”. When she was banned, Loomer was called “anti-Mulsim” and was accused of posting anti-Islamic “hate speech” for an accurate tweet about anti-Semitism.

Days after her ban, she handcuffed herself to the headquarter office of Twitter in New York City.

While handcuffed, Loomer handed out pamphlets about how Twitter allows for Islamic terrorists and anti-Semites to use Twitter, but is quick to ban Conservatives and pro-Israel voices for “hate speech”.

Twitter’s pandering to Islamic supremacists and their intolerance for any and all criticism of Islamic terrorism has been dubbed “Silicon Valley Sharia” by those who have faced big tech’s wrath for reporting on acts of Islamic terrorism.

In February, Conservative author Michelle Malkin received a notice from Twitter informing her that she should seek legal counsel because she was in “violation of Pakistani law”, aka Islamic Sharia law…the same law practiced in Saudi Arabia.

In her article titled “I’ve Been Silicon Valley Sharia’d”, Malkin said,

“Who knew Twitter would act as dutiful messenger pigeons for the oppressive anti-blasphemy police squad that sentences people to death for disparaging Islam.

Over the past few months, several other prominent critics of Islamic extremism have received similar warning letters from Twitter’s legal department, including Saudi-Canadian activist Ensaf Haidar, the wife of imprisoned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi; Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, an Iranian-born Muslim scholar and reform advocate from Australia; Jamie Glazov, a Russian-born Canadian columnist who just released a new book called “Jihadist Psychopath”; and Pamela Geller, an anti-jihad blogger and activist.

Citizen journalist Laura Loomer was banned from Twitter for stating true facts about radical Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar’s embrace of sharia laws that threaten gays, Jews and women. Loomer has since been deplatformed from PayPal and just learned she can no longer sell T-shirts protesting Twitter’s ban with the hashtag #StopTheBias on Teespring.”

One year later, Loomer’s argument is more true than ever. Ashamrani, a Saudi national, was able to use Twitter freely to attack America and Israel, and his account was not restricted. He went on to carry out a terrorist attack that left three people dead.

In the video of her November 29, 2018 protest, Loomer can be seen warning people about the dangers of “Silicon Valley Sharia”.

“These big tech social media companies like Facebook and Twitter are starting to normalize things like Jew hatred and Sharia Law. Twitter, Facebook, Apple Google, Instagram, they are essentially upholding Sharia. Silicon Valley is essentially upholding Sharia when they decide to ban me for posting facts about Islam. When they decide to ban me for posting facts about Sharia Law and criticizing an anti-Jewish, Muslim Congresswoman. This is America, and Sharia Law is completely incompatible with our United States Constitution.”

As Ashamrani’s attack and tweet reveal, he was clearly a devout, Sharia compliant Muslim who opened fire on an American Naval base to get revenge on Americans for supporting Israel and supposedly “committing crimes against Muslims”.

He utilized the largely Saudi Arabian owned Twitter to further amplify his anti-American, Islamic supremacist message.

It must be noted that in May, Facebook and Instagram also permanently banned Loomer, deeming her and several other popular conservatives “dangerous individuals”, a classification the tech company defined as “individuals involved in terrorist activity”.

Perhaps if tech companies spent less time surveilling and censoring conservatives and more time working to prevent actual Islamic terrorists from using Twitter and Facebook to communicate, *actual* *real life* dangerous individuals like Ashamrani could have been caught before carrying out a lethal terrorist attack.

Perhaps while Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is frolicking around Africa for the next six months he will get around to dealing with Twitter’s terrorism problem once and for all instead of focussing his efforts on censoring conservative Americans ahead of the 2020 elections.