Noah Feldman, an anti-Trump witness who perjured himself before Congress yesterday, is reportedly a key player in Facebook’s creation of a censorship approval committee, which has been called the “Facebook Supreme Court.”

The committee would review cases from banned Facebook users and decide whether the deletion of their accounts was warranted. It is intended to establish a corporate path for Facebook users the right to appeal — a corporate replacement for due process. The “Facebook Supreme Court” to be created by Facebook, and which could be disbanded by Facebook, will undoubtedly serve Facebook’s interest.

Feldman reportedly first proposed the idea of this “Facebook Supreme Court” to help Facebook, which is purported to “balance competing values that range from supporting free expression to combating hate speech.”

Feldman is reportedly serving Facebook as an adviser.

“For me it is an exciting opportunity to be able to work closely with a social media platform that has more than 2.3 billion users to try to implement an institution that will work for protecting freedom of expression,” said Feldman.

Yesterday, Feldman perjured himself while testifying, arguing to Congressman Matt Gaetz that he was an “impeachment skeptic” until July 25, 2019.

“Until this call on July 25th I was an ‘impeachment skeptic.’ The call changed my mind sir, and for good reason,” said Feldman.

“What the president did is an outrage. It’s impeachable, and obstruction of justice in the sense of being a ‘high crime and misdemeanor,’” said Feldman in 2017. That quote was printed in a Vice article titled “Trump Just Took a Big Step Closer to Impeachment.”

Cernovich, a constitutional law scholar, said “Feldman doesn’t qualify his statement. He doesn’t express skepticism or doubt. He is clear with his words: ‘What the president did is an outrage. It’s impeachable.’”

Feldman, besides perjuring himself before Congress, has written what’s been called a ‘glowing defense’ of Shariah law.

“Islamic law offered the most liberal and humane legal principles available anywhere in the world,” wrote Feldman in an op-ed for the New York Times. He also claimed the West “needs Shariah and Islam.”

Among its judgments, currently under Sharia law women are blamed for being raped by a man and homosexuals are executed.

Feldman later wrote generously of the terrorist group ISIS, it’s adherence to Sharia law, and it’s desire to create “an Islamic utopia.”

“But it must be said that the Islamic State does try to ground all its practices in some Islamic basis, wrote Feldman. “In this sense, it is laying claim to producing an Islamic utopia — one that its followers believe will come as close as possible to the divinely ordained Shariah.”

Facebook, besides having an advisor in Feldman that testified to Congress in favor of impeaching President Trump, has been getting involved in the Democrat primary.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, offered staff recommendations to Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, and at least two of the people recommended were then hired.

Buttigieg was one of the first 300 users of Facebook, and was reportedly friends with the Facebook founder’s roommates while both attended Harvard University.

Political analyst Scott Adams believes Buttigieg’s campaign will not succeed after the candidate deemed all Trump supporters to be supporting racism.