On Facebook, a user named Amy DC reported that Facebook deleted her photo of First Lady Melania Trump. The photo was a meme with the words “You can keep your Lady Gaga, we’ve got Lady MAGA”.

The photo was deemed “Hate Speech.”

Facebook’s decision was apparently confirmed by a manual review, with the “DECISION MADE” tag against the post appearing over the reported “violation,” a tag that typically appears when the decision to remove content has been confirmed by manual review.

Facebook’s outrageous decision spread across social media.

Facebook recently claimed that it removed 11.4 million pieces of so-called “hate speech” between April and September 2019. However, the Big Tech giant has refused to provide a database of the posts removed for ‘hate speech,’ making it possible that much of the deleted content was removed only because it was conservative or simply pro-Trump.

Back in October 2018, Facebook deleted more than 800 U.S. publishers and accounts, including many pro-Trump news pages, labeling the pages “politically-oriented spam.”

Pages like “Nation In Distress,” a pro-Trump news page with 3 million followers that began in 2012 and shared stories calling out liberals like Congresswoman Maxine Waters, were deleted.

Facebook has also targeted individual conservative pages outside of massive one-day purges. “God Emperor Trump,” a page with over 330,000 likes that often went viral was also deleted from the site in May 2018, with no explanation given from Facebook at all. Facebook did not even give a single notification to the page’s administrators regarding a violation warning of Facebook’s community standards.

Facebook has also suppressed information helpful to President Trump, banning any mention of the name of the so-called CIA ‘whistleblower’ that helped trigger impeachment hearings against President Trump.

Facebook’s war against pro-Trump pages was documented when Project Veritas obtained and published documents and presentation materials from a former Facebook insider. The documents describe how Facebook engineers plan and go about policing political speech.

The Facebook insider also described how Facebook would stop conservative pages from gaining traffic, telling Project Veritas, “I would see [this term] appear on several different conservative pages. I first noticed it with an account that I can’t remember, but I remember once I started looking at it, I also saw it on Mike Cernovich’s page, saw it on Steven Crowder’s page, as well as the Daily Caller’s page.”

Laura Loomer was famously banned from Facebook as well. She is currently suing Facebook along with Google, Apple, and Twitter.

In August, Loomer has won her appeal against the Big Tech giants, and will see her day against them in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Loomer is suing the four Silicon Valley giants for conspiring to suppress her speech because of her political views. Loomer has been banned from Facebook and Twitter.

The District Court for the District of Columbia had dismissed Loomer’s lawsuit, but on appeal Loomer and the nonprofit group Freedom Watch prevailed over the Big Tech companies, which must now face Loomer at trial.