Florida Pastor Rick Wiles rails against the “Jew coup” that is trying to take down Trump and warns that if they succeed, they will then “kill millions of Christians.”

This is sick! How are there people who listen to this Pastor? He continues…

“That’s the way the Jews work, they are deceivers, they plot, they lie, they do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda,” Wiles said on his program that he calls the “Godcast.”

“This is a coup led by Jews to overthrow the constitutionally elected president of the United States and it’s beyond removing Donald Trump, it’s removing you and me. That’s what’s at the heart of it. … I am going to tell you, Church of Jesus Christ, you’re next. Get it through your head! They’re coming for you. There will be a purge. That’s the next thing that happens when Jews take over a country, they kill millions of Christians.”

Hatred for Left-Wing Jews Leads to Hatred of all Jews

Yes, some of the Democratic Congressmen involved in the impeachment hearings happen to be Jews. But to imply that it is a Jewish “coup”, that its a Jewish conspiracy Jews behind the impeachment is classic antisemitism!

Many of these Congressmen, who happen to be Jewish, recently signed a letter criticizing the Trump administration’s new US stance on the legal status of Israeli settlements in our ancestral lands of Judea & Samaria. They are not the best friends to the Jewish homeland, Israel, even though they happen to be Jewish. They don’t represent Jews. They represent their leftist values, even when it collides with support of Israel!

It is ludicrous that this even has to be mentioned, but there are many Jews who are Trump supporters, and against the impeachment hearings that the Democrats are holding to try to bring down President Trump. There are many Jews who are conservatives who are against the left, including Jews who are on the left.

Yet, to antisemites like this Pastor, the fact that Jewish Democrat are involved in the impeachment, he then has a license to espouse full-on Jew-hatred! Sick.

Yes, there are anti-semites on the right, like this pastor, just as there are anti-semites on the left and just as there are anti-semites in the Muslim community.