This is a critically important message to all Western countries dealing with growing migration or immigration from Arab Muslim countries!

What you hear and see in this video is massive machine gunfire in the streets of a major city of Israel, Lod, in the middle of the night, in a residential neighborhood where families and children are sleeping! The perpetrators are local Israeli Arab Muslims who have illegal guns.

Why do they have illegal guns? Because this is what happens when the rational, Western-thinking elite of a society decides it is best to apply a different set of laws to the local Arab Muslim population out of either “sensitivities” or fear.

Illegal guns are rampant in Arab Muslim communities in Israel, mostly in their villages. This video is in a major city of Israel, Lod, with a large population of Israeli Arab Muslims.

It is bad enough that the Israeli police has refrained from setting down the law in Israeli Arab villages and taking away all their illegal guns. It is now an outright disgrace that even in a major Israeli city, shooting of illegal guns can take place like this.

Any country that wants to live peacefully with the Arab Muslim population must enforce the countries laws equally, and not be afraid or be “sensitive”.

It is important to emphasize, the people who suffer the most from authorities NOT enforcing the law out of fear or “sensitivity” are the peaceful Arab Muslims who must live with the growing violence in their midst that the authorities ignore!

Recent News Report

Here is a report from just two months ago:

Three Arab citizens of Israel were murdered. Khaled Hakroush, 20, was murdered in Kiryat Shmona; Zinab Mahameed, 83, was murdered in Umm al-Fahm; and Atef Abu Adra, 27, was murdered in Rahat. All were killed within 24 hours.

And on Monday, a man and a woman were injured after being shot in Lod.
Some residents of the Arab villages in the Galilee, the Negev and the “Little Triangle” (the geographic area between Kafr Kassem in the south and Baka al-Gharbiya in the north), as well as residents of mixed cities such as Lod and Ramle, describe their life there as terrifying and lawless.

Residents fear that a simple walk down the street could end at their own funeral.

”Every night there are shootings here… People are getting killed. This is our day-to-day lives,” Prof. Riyad Aghbaria told KAN’s Eran Singer, in his mini-series al-Arabi al-Jadid (the New Arab).

“People get shot. There are weapons everywhere. Youth, instead of focusing on learning mathematics, focus on learning how to use a gun,” he said.

A video released earlier this year shows residents using fireworks as a weapon in the Lower Galilee town of Kafr Manda. People in the town of 20,000 say their main square has become a war front – a venue for battles between clans.

“We see a lot of violence here,” one resident told Singer in the series. “People shoot fireworks at each other because it is an open space,” he said.
An Abraham Initiatives report published last week found that 61% of murder and manslaughter victims in Israel last year were Arab citizens – three times higher than their representation in the general population.
According to the report, 26.6% of Arab citizens said that they or their relatives were victims of violent crimes during the past year. This includes beatings, stabbings or shootings. The report found that over a third of Arab citizens (35.8%) have a sense of personal insecurity in the community where they live due to violence. This is almost three times the 12.8% figure among Jewish citizens.