Ben Goldstein is an Israeli patriot who uses his online social media accounts to spread the truth about Israel and our right to stand up for a free and safe land of Israel.

Last week, during the Islamic Jihad attack of shooting 450+ rockets onto innocent Israelis, he posted a video calling out the evil of the sharia/jihadi Muslim terrorists. He found a video of Islamic terrorists, added some Israeli music and posted the video. Facebook didn’t like the video and banned him from posting on FB for three days. The above video is his response to the ban.

“After my 3 day ban on Facebook, I decided to speak up about the rocks and rockets we face daily from our Arab neighbors, from Gaza to Judea.” – Ben Goldstein

Ben is a friend and fellow Jewish warrior of truth, so I reached out to him to find out the details of what happened.

“Yes, a 3 day ban. It’s beyond ridiculous”

“I was banned for showing a brief clip of a Jihadist Jeep blowing up. No actual human death or gore etc was seen at all. Only the explosion. But, according to Facebook, since I titled the video : “I call this a happy ending” they banned me because I was “insensitive” to a violent act and made fun of it. ????????????????”