The world is witnessing the biggest revolt against the Iranian regime since the Islamic revolution back in 1979. One can say that the economic sanctions are working. Iranians are protesting the horrific economic situation of the country. Ironically enough, the world is not really able to witness everything that is going on because the Islamic regime of Iran has shut down all internet access for the country.

Iranians are outraged that they are suffering tremendously economically while the Shiite Islamic Republic of Iran invests billions of dollars in military programs to take over the Middle East. Iran spends money on developing nuclear weapons, it supports their proxy Shiite forces to destroy Israel, including Hizbullah in Lebanon as well as the Islamic Jihad and Hamas in Gaza, as well as supports the Houthis in Yemen, to pose a threat to Sunni Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

Most Iranians do not support the Islamic regime. They want to live normal lives and they are against the fanatical Islamic agenda of their Shiite leaders.

Ironically, while today Iran is Israel’s biggest enemy, Iran used to be Israel’s biggest ally in the Middle East to counter their joint enemy, the Sunni Muslim states. Today, it is the Sunni Muslim states, like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan etc. that are reaching out to Israel for help to stop the Islamic regime of Iran!

Israel has always said that Iranians are not the enemy, just the fanatical Shiite Muslim regime that leads Iran. They are the enemy.

Reports are also coming in that Lebanese and Iraqis are also protesting against the Islamic Regime of Iran right now. Both Lebanon and Iraq are basically Iranian proxy countries, a dangerous development that was allowed during the Obama regime, since former President Obama preferred partnering with Shiite Iran over the Sunni countries.

Why no international outrage?

Where is the United Nations and all the Western nations of the world decrying Iran for shooting innocent, unarmed protestors? There is total silence regarding this massive human rights abuse.

If Israel would as much as harm an Arab, even if he is a terrorist, then the world goes wild with UN resolutions against Israel. Just now, the UN passed 8 resolutions against Israel, following Israel’s killing 25 Islamic Jihad terrorists, and defending itself from more than 450 rocket attacks on its civilian population. Yet, the UN is silent about Iran murdering its own peaceful protestors in the street!

It is clear that the world has one standard for Israel and another standard for the rest of the world.

Twitter Thread on Protests in Iran

During its first 24 hours, it’s already been the most violent protests in decades, if not ever. 1979 revolution did not reach this level of violence. 

Westerners need to stop celebrating “peaceful protests.” American Revolution was all but peaceful. Iran’s will be too. In 24 hours, the number of murdered protestors has reached double digits. Since 2009, this is the most widespread uprising and the second most since 1979. 

Protestors are torching the flag of the Islamic Republic, taking down and torching statues and pictures of Khomeini and Khamenei, and torching gas stations and banks (all banks are either public or privately owned by regime leaders). 

Over 40 years, the regime has demonstrated will to use as much violence as it takes to protect itself and its interest. Look at how much violence they engaged in Syria directly and through their proxies. It’s unsound, unwise, and unjust to expect Iranians to remain peaceful. 

The protests began over the overnight tripling of gas price. Horizontal and vertical escalations of the uprising and the protestors’ demands through their chants suggest that it is very unlikely that that reversal of the gas prices will send the protestors back home. 

Already, the internet has been completely shut down. Only citizens with access to satellite internet have access, and that is a very tiny number. Most of what you see are sent through MMS from Iran. What you see is a small fraction of what is happening. 

Over the next weeks, the regime will turn into as much violence as it can. The question is how much violence it can engage in. They will ask their militias, especially Hezbollah, to deploy combatants for help. The obstacle is that they are very short of money. 

Another problem is that these are happening as the regime’s proxies are struggling in Lebanon and Iraq. It is unclear how much those militias will help pro bono. 

Elements within the domestic security apparatus are also sending out anonymous messages in solidarity with the protestors. Artesh (the national military) and the police are very sympathetic with the people. 

It’s unclear how many inside the IRGC support the protests, but it’s no small number. Remember that many, if not most, in the IRGC’s body are there because IRGC is the only entity that could provide them with stable employment and not out of sincere belief in the system. 

In the meantime, keep Iran in your thoughts and prayers. If you really care, I’m here to inform you as much as want, so DM me. If you REALLY care, call your Representative and Senators and ask them to show solidarity. Keep the momentum alive. 

Qods is one of the most Islamist city in Iran, and even there Iranians are protesting against the Islamic regime because of the dire economic situation.

Hopefully, this citizen’s revolt will be the beginning of the end of the Islamic regime. What the enlightened “Western” European countries would not do to stop Iran’s support for terror because of their business interests with Iran, hopefully the Iranian people will stop, thanks to the economic sanctions from the US, with the support of Israel.