An Oklahoma Walmart became the scene of a shooting Monday when a deranged person began firing a gun at customers in the parking lot. The suspect, who killed at least two people, reportedly turned the gun on himself when an armed citizen confronted him.

Though original reports sparked fear of another mass shooting at a Walmart, Daily Mail reported that the shooting was the result of a domestic dispute and that the victims were a man and a woman who were shot inside their vehicle in the parking lot.

“Family members at the scene say the shooting was sparked by a domestic dispute between a husband and wife, but didn’t go into further details,” the report said. “When the gunman was confronted by an armed citizen, he then turned the gun on himself.”

A Walmart spokeswoman also confirmed that the incident was not an “active shooter” situation, but isolated to the parking lot.

“This was an isolated incident in the parking lot and was not an active shooter situation,” LeMia Jenkins reportedly said.

A mass shooting inside a Walmart in El Paso, Texas months ago caused the store to change its policy and ban customers from carrying weapons into the store. Walmart also stopped selling ammunition for “assault weapons” and handguns in more than 4,000 stores. In this situation (as with any in the media) so-called “assault weapons” are semi-automatic rifles which fire rounds at the same rate as handguns and are used in a minuscule number of overall shootings in the United States, and handguns are actually more lethal than semi-automatic rifles in mass shootings, defined as one incident in which four or more people are shot.

Oklahoma’s gun laws are not as stringent as in other states. With a permit, Oklahomans were long-allowed to carry a concealed weapon or carry a weapon openly. The state recently amended that law, abolishing the permit requirement. Some, mostly the political left, view these laws as too relaxed.

But the shooting at the Oklahoma Walmart took place just hours after what is being considered a mass shooting in Fresno, California. A gunman, who is still on the loose, opened fire at a house party, killing four and wounding six others. California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States.

“Fresno Police Lt. Bill Dooley said ‘unknown suspects’ sneaked into the backyard at about 6pm Sunday and fired into the crowd,” according to Daily Mail. “Fresno Deputy Police Chief Michael Reid said 10 people were shot. Three were found dead in the backyard and a fourth person died at the hospital. The six others are expected to survive and are recovering at a hospital.”

Politicians, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a 2020 presidential candidate, are already using the shooting to score political points among the far left.

“We shouldn’t have to live like this. The daily toll of gun violence is staggering. From Walmart to our schools, our streets, our playgrounds, our houses of worship—no place is safe from it. It’s time to end gun violence,” Warren said on Twitter.

The reaction has been typical of the political left, which swears that it will “end gun violence,” but never provides a realistic plan for doing so. The only candidate who was brave enough to call for the confiscation of firearms was Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, who has since dropped out of the race. His plan of confiscating AR-15’s, of course, would have accomplished the opposite of “ending gun violence.” It would have caused more gun violence, as most law-abiding Americans are unwilling to give up their firearms, and forcefully taking them would be a disaster of epic proportions.