Loomered.com received exclusive video overnight from a Florida college student who was recently made aware that someone voted in his name in the controversial November 5th, 2019 Kentucky gubernatorial election.

Jake Burd, a native of Louisville, Kentucky received a text from his mother while in a 4 p.m. class in Tampa, Florida asking if he had his driver’s license on his person, which he confirmed he did by replying with a photo of both the front and back of his driver’s license.

After his music class ended, he phoned his mother to ask why she needed to know if he had his driver’s license in his possession. Burd’s mother explained that someone not only voted in Jake’s name, but forged his signature at the polls that day (Nov 5th). The clerk told his mother that someone had used his ID to get in to the polls and asked if the student had flown to Kentucky to vote on that day, or if there was any possibility Jake’s ID had been stolen at some point.

Burd explained in the video below that there’s no way he could have been in Kentucky on November 5th to vote because he had two classes, an appointment for physical therapy, and two swim practices, all of which he can verify.

“I’m obviously a little bit mad about that. It shouldn’t be happening, especially in Kentucky where we have ID laws,” Burd concludes.


With Governor-elect Andy Beshear taking the win by just 5,189 more votes than incumbent Governor Matt Bevin (0.5% of the reported 1.45 million votes cast), several questions have been raised. Governor Bevin has refused to concede and on November 7th called for a recanvassing, which is scheduled for tomorrow, November 14th at 9am.

Official election results posted on the Kentucky State Board of Elections website show discrepancies with 3,762 votes cast, yet only 3,731 votes were counted in Breathitt County. Where are the other 31 votes?


Included in my recent bombshell report is audio from a phone call between one of our contributors, Tore Lindeman and the Kentucky Board of Elections confirming 175,000 voters that were removed from the official list were added back to the voter roll just 4 days before the election.

“Recently we were in litigation. We had through the course of this last, what’s called list maintenance, deemed 175,000 voters as inactive. Then through litigation, from different individual agencies, partners, individuals, that suit required us to add those 175,000 back in. You said the only way you knew that in 2018 is that you checked and you weren’t on, the only way I can envision that that happened is through that process. I cannot see all of the activity records. I’m the low man here, I’m not one of the chiefs.”

Unnamed Worker – Kentucky Board of Elections

Of the 175,000 names recently added back to the voter roll, without the voter’s knowledge or consent, we have found several instances of legal U.S. immigrants (who have no legal right to vote in U.S. elections) whose names have also been added back to the Kentucky voter roll.

This is a major problem for a few reasons. Federal law prohibits LEGAL U.S. immigrants to vote in elections. They can be punished if votes are cast in their name by way of fines, imprisonment, and ultimately deportation. In addition, if a LEGAL immigrant has been added to voter rolls, this is enough to cause a delay in renewing his or her alien registration. This also has the potential to be detrimental to immigrants who have obtained residency legally and could prohibit them from not only being deported, but having no chance of ever reentering the country if that were to transpire.

How many of the 175,000 names added back to the Kentucky voter roll just a few days before the recent election were names belonging to illegal or legal migrants, both of which cannot vote? Of those newly added names, how many votes were cast by someone other than who the vote itself was registered under?

As of Friday, November 8th, the Kentucky Attorney General website shows the AG’s office has received 137 calls – 82 received while polls were open, 32 calls received prior to the polls opening, and 23 additional complaints received after the closing of the polls on November 5th, 2019. These phoned-in complaints found under “Election Law Violations Hotline Updates” include but aren’t limited to: disrupting polls, issues with the voting machines, voter ID, residency issues, and outright fraud.

Further investigation into last week’s election in Kentucky is imperative. Luckily, the Thomas More Society, along with a newly formed group Citizens For Election Integrity are shedding more light on these issues. A press conference was held on Tuesday by executive director of CFEI, Erika Calihan demanding an investigation into the November 5th election and asking Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear to address the recently submitted complaints.

Calihan recently spoke at length about the Citizens For Election Integrity and recent allegations of voter fraud in Kentucky in an interview with Tore Says on Red State Talk Radio which can be heard in its entirety at the 51 min mark here:


The Citizens For Election Integrity will be holding their second press conference today at 2pm in front of the Attorney General’s office in Frankfort, Kentucky to “renew its call for the Attorney General to disclose details of his efforts, including the number of subpoenas issued and the number of witnesses interviewed.”

Governor Matt Bevin tweeted on Wednesday that he planned to attend the press conference if his scheduled allowed.

WATCH: Citizens For Election Integrity press conference via Millie Weaver:


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