YouTube is implementing it’s updated terms of service on Dec. 12, it recently announced, much to the chagrin of conservative creators, who feel at risk based on the new rules.

“YouTube is under no obligation to host or serve content,” the new terms of service claim in a broad, sweeping rule that will allow the company to remove whatever content it wants at the drop of a hat.

The company also said that it “may terminate your use of the Services, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the service to you is no longer commercially viable.”

There’s an obvious problem here for conservative content creators, many who have been demonetized by YouTube arbitrarily based on their political beliefs. That fact was not lost on Ford Fischer, who is known for covering Antifa protests and other political goings on.

“YouTube is probably over. It’s been a lot of small steps, but this is the end. As of December 10th, Youtube will delete channels that are ‘no longer commercially viable.’ How could a channel that’s demonetized be ‘commercially viable’? ‘Broadcast yourself’ is finished,” Fischer said.

“Broadcast yourself” was, for a time, YouTube’s slogan.

Conservative firebrand Faith Goldy explained at length how the new policies will affect people like her, who have been demonetized by the Google-owned tech giant.

“In January, YouTube removed my ability to collect SuperChats. In the Spring, YouTube demonetized my whole channel. Come December, they will delete channels that are ‘no longer commercially viable’. To this day, my channel has yet to earn a single strike. These people are SCUM,” Goldy said.


YouTube, though, is trying to pass the change off as innocuous. It downplayed its new terms in a comment to Business Insider.

“We’re making some changes to our Terms of Service in order to make them easier to read and to ensure they’re up to date We’re not changing the way our products work, how we collect or process data, or any of your settings,” a YouTube spokesperson reportedly told Business Insider.

The company is also couching its new terms of service as a way to protect minors who use the platform.

From The Verge:

The terms of service now come with an updated section on parental responsibility when children use the platform, and have more clearly stated the age requirements per country for using YouTube. This also includes a notice stating “if you are a minor in your country, you must always have your parent or guardian’s permission before using the service.”

But conservatives, many of whom have been completely banned from the platform or had their reach, impact, and profitability significantly hampered by the platform, aren’t buying that explanation, and rightfully so.

Alex Jones, perhaps the most prolific conservative radio show host, saw his InfoWars channel nuked from the platform without any real explanation.

Conservatives have no reason to believe that they will be treated fairly by Big Tech. In fact, they have many reasons to believe the exact opposite.