British right wing commentator and free speech activist Katie Hopkins said in a video posted to Twitter Friday that she was threatened with criminal prosecution for reporting on information that was already known to the public.

“My crime, as they see it, was reporting on the majority-Pakistani Muslim grooming gang who have just appeared in Leeds Crown Court,” Hopkins said in the video. “I reported information that was already in the public domain. I reported information that had already been produced and reproduced by a major national newspaper, together with names and photographs, and I posted information without personal comment.”

Hopkins continued:

However, I was told that if I did not remove the information that I had posted, that I would be referred – and failure to comply with their demands – would mean that I would be referred to the attorney general under Section Four of the Contempt of Court Act. And of course, the gentleman behind all of this, and the West Yorkshire Police, coming to an address they believed to be mine, was Judge Marson. Now you remember his name, perhaps. He’s the same judge that threw Tommy Robinson in prison for contempt of court without due process. That’s something that was overturned on appeal. So it’s that same judge that then sent police officers from West Yorkshire Police to come to an address they believed to be mine to try to intimidate me and to force me to remove the post that I had made reporting information already in the public domain. Those men in court have now been found guilty of the sexual assault and abuse of our young, white, girls. Six of them were jailed, and as it turns out one of those men has absconded. He has eight years in jail, [but] he’s not in jail because he’s absconded to Pakistan. And I suppose there is the madness of my country right now, where our young, white girls are being raped, where the men who are doing the rapes are able to escape without going to jail, and yet I’m the one with police officers showing up, threatening me with contempt of court from a judge who already threw someone in jail without following due process. These are truly crazy times.

Hopkins posted her video on Twitter.

“Threatened with contempt of court for posting information already in the public domain about majority Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs Sound familiar? These are truly crazy times,” Hopkins said, referring to Robinson.


It appears that The Independent, a major British news outlet, covered the trial as early as Nov. 1, a full week before Hopkins’ visit from the police, and days before she spoke about the trial.

Robinson has been engulfed in a three-year legal ordeal after reporting on a Muslim grooming gang’s trail in the same court. It’s seen him jailed twice, once before his attorneys won an appeal, and once after. The case remains ongoing, and he could face another stint in prison – all for the “crime” of speaking publicly.