Conservative author and speaker David Harris Jr. was notified Friday that his fan page on Facebook, which amassed nearly a million fans, was “unpublished,” claiming he had violated community standards by “organizing criminal activity.”

The only “illegal” activity that prompted Facebook’s punitive censorship is the conservative firebrand’s support of President Donald Trump, Harris. contends.

“So @Facebook just unpublished my page for ‘organizing activity or celebrating crimes that have been committed…” Are You Kidding Me!!!,” he tweeted. “This is solely because I support President @realDonaldTrump.”

“I will not stay silent,” Harris  declared.


Harris posted a video on Twitter warning the only reason he was banned is because he is not a liberal, anti-Trump, Democrat.

“Looks like my page on Facebook, with about 700,000 followers is about to be unpublished. No reason, no explanation – nothing,” he lamented. “Could it be just because I support the president? Because I don’t go along with the narrative that all black folks have to vote Democrat?”

“Literally, no explanation whatsoever. This pops up on my screen: ‘Your page is at risk of being unpublished,” he continued. “Facebook community standards. Fourteen violations they slapped me with today. All community standards. And two that they say is fake news, they were on climate change. They were on why climate change is a big hoax. They don’t want anybody posting about that.”


Facebook is brazenly quashing the First Amendment rights of conservatives, Harris warned, noting the tech giant didn’t even provide him details about which of it’s so-called community standards his posts violated.

“I just share the truth. I tell the truth about what’s going on. I speak my mind and I support this president. I don’t go along with the status quo. I don’t fit in the little paradigm box that all black folks have to vote Democrat,” he said. “No, I strongly support this president and he’s done so much for this community, for our world, for our country. And for my First Amendment rights on Facebook to be violated like this, a page that I’ve spent years building and have an audience of people that love what I bring. To have Facebook to be able to just rip that out from underneath me, is ridiculous.”

Harris, author of ‘Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent,’ called on President Trump to rein in the increasingly monopolistic social media company.

“Mr. President, I really hope something is done. This social media censorship has gone to a whole new level. This is how they literally lynch those that they don’t agree with. This is a modern day lynching that Facebook is doing to this brother right here. Please subscribe to my email list at davidharrisjr.com to help me fight this garbage.”

Harris’ removal from Facebook comes just days after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched a new system, Facebook Protect, the company claims is designed to prevent election meddling.

Apparently, numerous pages have been unpublished amid the company’s attempt to stop so-called “election interference.”

“Over the last few days many pages have received warnings that their Facebook page may be deleted for unexplained community standards violations. Now the Facebook Page of author and speaker David J. Harris Jr., which was hit with one of these warnings on Wednesday, has been unpublished,” Reclaim The Net reports.

But Facebook’s ban of Harris, a vocal supporter of Trump whose content has been reposted by the president, is a prime example of election interference, social media users warned.

Conservatives regularly complain of “getting thrown in Facebook jail,” and being banned from posting or communicating on Facebook for 30 days, over trivial memes. This reporter is currently suspended from Facebook and was not provided reason justifying the suspension.

Our very own Laura Loomer is currently suing Facebook for $3 billion after the company permanently banned her in May and defamed her, claiming she is a “dangerous individual” who “traffics in hate.” Infowars founder Alex Jones along with conservative firebrands Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes were also permanently banned at the time.