While claiming conservatives are intolerant, fascists, leftist Antifa members once again proved their modus of operandi is to deflect, castigating conservatives as violent, while violently assaulting any pro-American bystander that supports Trump.  

Conservative activist Jacob Engels was brutally assaulted Thursday night outside of Trump hotel by Antifa members who gathered outside of the venue in protest after learning President Donald Trump was in the building.

Engels, a contributor to Loomered and The Gateway Pundit, is currently the campaign manager of Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, who is running for Congress in Florida’s 27th district.

Police “stood idly by” and watched as Antifa attacked Engles, Tarrio explained in an interview with Loomered.

“There was an Andy Ngai event where Andy was speaking and Antifa was outside protesting,” Tarrio said. “They caught wind that the president was going to be at the Trump International DC, so they walked on over to Trump DC and they started this big protest out of nowhere.

“Jacob was trying to get to the Trump hotel, there was a crowd and they started hitting him with umbrellas at first, they spit on him and then they punched him,” he said.  “A woman punched him in the face because they recognized him. They knew he was a close friend of Roger Stone and they knew that he was my campaign manager and they decided to assault him.”

“The police officers saw it and they just stood idly. I had to call Capitol Police myself to get a detective out there. This just shows the state that we’re in. The left has made this notion that if you disagree with some body politically, you have to assault them. “

Engles, Tarrio, conservative provocateurs Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes and members of the ProudBoys, a conservative organization famous for its pushback against the violent tactics of Antifa, arrived in D.C. earlier this week to show support of Roger Stone, who is being tried on charges of witness tampering and lying to Congress about his attempts to contact WikiLeaks after being interrogated by special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team.

Yiannopoulos and McInnes were also assaulted by radical leftists on Thursday during their stay in Washington, Tario explained.

“There was a woman eating lunch and Milo and Gavin were there and she was live-streaming, she was like ‘Milo and Gavin are here, what should I do? I am shaking from how angry I am right now. I am eating with my grandmother,’” he said. “My response would be, if Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi were there, I’d just let them eat. But she felt like she had to do something.”

“A normal person would just leave them alone,” he continued. “But no, that’s not what they do, so she went over there with her grandmother there, and she threw water at both of them and started berating them. That person is going to get arrested.”

Since announcing his congressional bid, Tarrio said he’s been inundated with threats from leftists.

“‘Oh, he’s in DC,’ ‘Oh we can find him here’ – they are already looking for me because they know I’m running for Congress and that scares the shit out of them,” he said. “It just shows the sad state of affairs that we’re in. None of this is going to stop us. We are just going to keep going. We are not known for backing down. I’m not known for backing down and Jacob is definitely not known for backing down.”

“We are going to be out there in front of the courthouse every day. We are going to continue pushing,” he continued. “We are going to continue to exonerate Roger Stone. We are going to continue to push to get me into Congress, so we can call out these domestic terrorists.”

Last month, two Proud Boy members were sentenced to four years in prison for their roles in a brawl outside an event at the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York City last year. After four left-wing protesters threw bottles at the group, Maxwell Hare, 27, and John Kinsman, 39 retaliated. Hare and Kinsman were found guilty of attempted gang assault and attempted assault and were sentenced to four years in prison and five years of post-release supervision.

The justice system appears to be slanted towards the left, Tarrio argued.

“We are seeing that in the Stone trial. Political opponents are serving as jurors. That judge is a real piece of work. She is utter garbage,” he said. “God forbid Jacob would have fought back, he’d probably be facing four years like the guys in New York City. Right now, in order not to go to jail, you can’t defend yourself.”

If elected, Tarrio says outlawing Antifa and domestic terrorists will be his top priority.

“We’ve had mass shootings perpetrated by members of Antifa, fire bombings, assaults on just regular, freedom loving Americans,” he said. “One of my main platforms is I am running to clean out domestic terrorists in the United States.”