Trump ally Roger Stone’s criminal trial for alleged witness tampering and making false statements to Congress has some serious D.C. Swamp vibes that have not gone unnoticed by political observers.

Notably, Jennifer Palmieri, formerly president Barack Obama’s White House Director of Communications and subsequently Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director during her failed presidential bid in 2016, just happens to be part of the jury pool. Not only that, Obama-appointed judge Amy Berman Jackson, who has made a mockery out of Stone’s trial to date by not allowing him to publicly defend himself, has not eliminated Palmieri from the jury pool, despite the obvious conflict of interest.

“One of the prospective jurors turned out to be a former press secretary in the Obama administration who ‘despises Donald Trump and has friends in the federal prosecutors office which is trying the case,'” Paul Joseph Watson reported, citing a Tucker Carlson segment from Wednesday night.

That juror is Palmieri.

“The potential juror absurdly claimed that she had followed the Mueller investigation closely but hadn’t heard of Stone and didn’t have a strong opinion on the issue,” Watson reported. “Jackson refused to remove the woman from the jury pool, arguing, ‘personal conflicts were not automatically disqualifying.'”

One potential juror with political ties was disqualified, though. That person “had once worked for the Reagan administration was dismissed as a potential juror because of a supposed conflict of interest.” In other words, personal conflicts only matter if they might benefit Stone.

According to Watson’s report, Jackson is not even attempting to remain neutral in her proceedings.

Carlson said Jackson’s behavior in court has turned out to be “even more ludicrous and unprofessional,” rolling her eyes and snorting at Stone to suggest “he’s guilty before the trial even started.”

Here is the full segment from Carlson:

Adding insult to injury in a way that only politicos in D.C. could, the entire Russian “collusion” hoax turned out to be a fabrication, surprising no one except far leftists who are desperate to remove Trump from office completely. Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller declared that Trump had no illegal relationship with Russian officials during his campaign. So irrelevant is the hoax that all of D.C. has moved on to the next bogus attempt to bring down the duly elected President – Ukrainian “quid pro quo.”

But as Carlson rightfully points out, the “collusion” hoax is still claiming victims. Among them is General Michael Flynn, who stands accused of lying to investigators. But there is significant evidence that points to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) potentially altering their memos – known as 302s – of their interviews with Flynn after the interviews were completed. Curiously, there is no digital file of the 302s, and former FBI agent Peter Strzok, who interviewed Flynn, was later fired for anti-Trump bias.

The whole ordeal reeks of manipulation by the Department of Justice in order to serve its own political interests, and those who voted for Trump are right to keep a watchful eye on the proceedings in both the Stone and Flynn cases.