Another day in the life of the tolerant political left, where a Google employee encouraged his followers on Twitter to punch supporters of President Donald J. Trump in the face.

“Do you support Trump? No? Look to your left, does that person does (sic)? No? So it’s the one of the right, go ahead and please punch that person in the face,” Vinicius Carvalho said on his Twitter page in January.

The tweet began circulating Thursday before Carvalho cowardly deleted his entire account.

Before it was deleted, its biography listed him as a “Googler @GoogleCloud” who lives in New York City.

Google Cloud is an entire division within the Silicon Valley tech giant, and describes itself as “a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search and YouTube.”

Neither the fact that a Google employee hates Trump and his supporters, nor the fact that a leftist would call for violence against political foes, is particularly surprising.

Silicon Valley tech companies have been ratcheting up their targeting of conservatives over the past few years. Facebook has a history of banning conservatives like our own Laura Loomer and labeling them as “dangerous individuals.”

But YouTube, which is owned by Google, is also a top offender.

It is known for restricting the videos of PragerU, a relatively milquetoast conservative informational organization. It also demonetized commentator Steven Crowder’s channel, which has more than four million subscribers, after a former Vox “journalist” launched an activism campaign against him. Carlos Maza was upset that Crowder mocked him on his channel, and the tech giant briefly bent a knee to the hack reporter after a social media campaign wherein leftist media and activist types swarmed the company and demanded Crowder’s de-platforming. Numerous other smaller conservative YouTubers have been banned from the platform completely, many without explanation, as has Alex Jones and the entirety of InfoWars.

That covers the company’s anti-conservative bias well enough, but unfortunately it’s come to the point where it’s not enough for Silicon Valley types simply to try to ban conservatives from the internet. They want to impose violence on them, too, all for political disagreement.

Breitbart has a rap sheet containing 639 instances of violence or threatening violence against conservatives carried out by leftists. It used to be updated regularly, but has slowed recently. Still, the examples abound.

It includes The New York Times, formerly the paper of record, fantasizing about Trump’s assassination, a story of a grown woman threatening violence against an 11-year-old supporter of Trump’s, and perhaps most pertinently, 179 instances of threats made directly against Trump that were still live on Twitter as of the piece’s publication date of Oct. 29, 2018.

Once again, it is not enough for the political left simply to disagree with the political right. Instead, they want to punish the political right physically – hurt them – for not sharing the same political opinions.

What will happen if these lunatics ever gain any significant power is a horrid thought.