A Canadian Imam warned his Muslim clergy before the recent Canadian elections against voting for “filthy non-Muslim” candidates, according to a video that has surfaced online.

“With regards to these elections, let me say one thing: if you are planning on voting, then remember that there are two angels on your shoulders recording everything that you do and say,” Imam Younus Kathrada said.

He continued, railing against infidels – non-believers in Islam – as well as candidates who support homosexuality.

“This voting is a testimony, and it will be recorded,” he said. “On Judgment Day you will stand before Allah and be asked about it. If you plan on voting, ask yourself – prepare the answer first – what am I going to tell Allah when he asks me: ‘You voted for that filthy non-Muslim – why?'”

“He or she approves of homosexuality, which Allah declared forbidden from above the seven heavens,” he continued. “

Then he turned his wrath towards Jews and Christians.

“You think that [the politicians] want good for you?” he asked. “I already told you what Allah said: ‘Never will (the Jews and the Christians) be pleased with you.’ They will continue to oppose you. So, you’re fighting a losing battle. They are all evil. Every single one of them. There may be some rare circumstances where we would say: ‘Okay, voting may benefit us.’ This is not one of them.”

“They are all evil and filthy. Every one of them,” he continued. “Do you know that without exception supports the Zionists against Islam and the Muslims?”

According to Islamic Relief Canada, the country has resettled 25,000 Muslims “from places like Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and a host of other countries.” Canada’s 2016 census said that the country took more than 25,000 refugees from Syria alone in the prior year, and that in 2018, the country planned to resettle nearly 300,000 refugees, though it did not specify from which regions.

To state the obvious, Canada is importing a class of third-worlders who loathe them and their society, evidenced by the Imam’s open hatred of Western liberalism. Still (and despite his mammoth blackface scandal) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was re-elected to the country’s highest office.

A similar trend exists in the United States, though it has been slowed by President Donald J. Trump’s halt on travel from majority Muslim nations. We reported in June:

With the theocratic encroachment of Islam ever-present in the United Kingdom, the “koranic toxin” has been steadily injected over the pond into these United States, chief among them, the Midwest. In Dearborn, MI, we are seeing growing Islamic sentiment as shown with the fact that the city has become over 50% Muslim and is home to the nation’s largest Mosque whereas it’s Arab population as early as 2015 was 30%.

In the United States, though, our hostile ruling elites continue to import a similarly hostile class: immigrants from third-world Central America and Mexico. The epidemic of forever changing our societies under the guise of humanitarianism largely continues unabated in the West, while our leaders give us no say in the matter.