A suspect who is described as a “lone attacker” went on a stabbing spree at a popular Jordanian tourist site, leaving eight foreign nationals severely injured, according to multiple reports.

“The incident occurred at Jerash, one of the country’s top tourist destinations,” NBC said. “The reports quoted an unnamed security official as saying the wounded included three Mexican tourists and a Swiss woman. Along with the tour guide, three other Jordanians, including a policeman, were also hurt before the attacker was subdued and arrested, reports said.”

The report said that two people were critically injured and airlifted to a hospital in Jordan’s capital, Amman, 40 miles south of the attack site.

Deutsche Welle quoted a local security official who provided details about the attack.

“Around noon, a man attacked tourists, a tour guide and a security officer who tried to stop him in Jerash,” the official reportedly said. “The wounded were transported to hospital for treatment. The assailant was immediately arrested.”

Details surrounding the identity of the attacker were sparse, but local Palestinian Muslims in Jerash reportedly denounced what they called a “terrorist attack.”

“We condemn the terrorist attack that was carried out by a coward in Jerash,” the group said.

A Jordanian tour guide who was at the scene of the attack described the attacker, according to Al Jazeera. He told AFP that passersby helped apprehend the suspect.

“A bearded man in his 20s wearing black and brandishing a knife started to stab tourists,” Zouheir Zreiqat reportedly said. “We chased him until we could grab him and get him on the ground. We took the knife from him. He stayed silent without saying a word until the police arrived and arrested him.”

A graphic video of the aftermath of the attack surfaced on social media, showing a severely injured woman lying on the ground covered in blood. Good Samaritans surrounded her, attempting to help stop the bleeding. The video pans across what appears to be a walkway to a man sitting on a ledge, covered in blood from his chest down to his leg. Blood is spattered across the walkway and several people can be heard shrieking in horror.

According to the NBC report, a woman yelling in Spanish in the video is saying, “It’s a dagger, it’s a dagger, there is a knife. Please, help him now!”

In 2016, four ISIS militants carried out a terror attack in the tourist city of Karak, which killed 10 people, including a Canadian tourist.

“Armed with machine guns and hand grenades, they raided the gatherings of the apostate Jordanian security and the citizens of the crusade alliance in Karak,” said Amaq, the Islamic State’s propaganda outlet.

“Seven members of the security forces, two Jordanian civilians and a Canadian tourist were killed, the PSD said. Thirty-four people were wounded, including 15 members of the security forces, 17 Jordanian civilians and two foreign tourists,” CNN said of the attack.

In 2005, three hotels were attacked in Jordan, killing 23. In 2006, a British tourist was killed during a terror attack at an ancient Roman ruins site.

Other than those three incidents, Jordan has remained one of the most stable and peaceful countries in the Middle East, and has a strong tourism industry on which its economy relies.