U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), colloquially known as Border Patrol, announced Tuesday the arrest of a previously-deported illegal alien who was convicted of raping a child before being sent back to his home nation of Honduras. He was arrested this week after reentering the country illegally.

“After arrest, record checks revealed 20-year-old Hector Josue Valeviano was convicted of sexual assault of a child on July 3, 2019, by El Paso County, Colorado. Listed as registered sex offender for life, Valeviano was subsequently deported after his conviction,” CBP said in press release.

Josue Valeviano will face federal prosecution for his latest crime in the United States.

CBP uses biometric technology to do criminal background checks on all of the illegal aliens they capture in the United States. In cases like Josue Valeviano’s, the illegal alien is immediately arrested. But in many other cases, our broken immigration system allows illegal aliens – all of whom have broken the law simply by crossing America’s borders – to remain in the country if they have no other criminal background.

Unfortunately, cases like Josue Valeviano’s are not one-off situations. In fact, just five days before CBP released the news of his arrest, it released nearly identical news about another illegal alien whom it apprehended after illegally re-entering the United States.

“Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents patrolling east of Nogales apprehended Ramon Romano-Ortega, a 44-year-old Mexican national illegally present in the United States, around 11:30 p.m. Thursday,” CBP said.

Records checks revealed Romano-Ortega was convicted of sexual abuse in the 3rd degree and criminal possession of a loaded firearm in 2014 by New York County, New York,” the press release continued. “A registered sex offender, Romano-Ortega also has multiple felony weapon violations. He was last deported from the United States in 2014.”

So in less than one week, CBP arrested two previously-deported, violent sex criminals for coming back to the United States. Bear in mind, these are just the ex-cons whom CBP manages to capture. Any number of previously-deported criminals are walking American streets with impunity at any given time. It’s the result of our wide open southern border.

It gets worse.

An illegal alien living in Tennessee was arrested in late October after allegedly raping an 11-year-old girl.

“According to court documents, Samuel Xala Polito, 29, admitted to police after being read his Miranda Rights that he’d entered the young girl’s room at his girlfriend’s home and inappropriately touched her on two separate occasions in September,” Fox17 said.

Xala Polito was arrested in 2013 for aggravated burglary. Those charges were dismissed, but he was not deported despite his illegal status. In 2015, he was charged with driving without a license and leaving the scene of a crash. Those charges, too, were dismissed. Still, he was not deported.

Despite the best intentions of President Donald J. Trump, the entrenched political establishment on both sides of the aisle refuses to budge on the issue of border security. Trump has had to beg, borrow, and proverbially steal resources to build only small portions of border wall in an area that stretches 2000 miles from Texas to California.