The situation in Hong Kong, where millions of residents are protesting for democracy, continues to rage on as police arm themselves with a new tool – “flesh burning” tear gas.

“Police violence in Hong Kong drastically intensified this past weekend with a new type of hand-thrown, explosive tear gas canister being used against protesters, paramedics and journalists. At least one person was hit and seriously wounded,” according to Epoch Times.

“Toward the evening of Nov. 2, Hong Kong police threw tear gas canisters at volunteer paramedics and journalists when dispersing the crowd at Times Square, a shopping mall in Causeway Bay,” the report continued.

One of the canisters reportedly hit a paramedic, who was knocked unconscious by the blow. His skin was reportedly burned by the contents of the canister, which left a “large area of his back” charred.

Adding insult to injury, the teargas is made in mainland China, against which the protestors are fighting for independence.

South China Morning Post previously reported that according to an information source, Hong Kong police would soon exhaust their existing tear gas canister supply, and would switch to Chinese-made canisters called ‘Jing An KF-302-20 CS Grenade,’ the same type used by the Chinese army’s anti-terrorism squad,” according to the report.

Despite the fact that protests have raged in Hong Kong for months, they have remained mostly peaceful. However, one protestor was beaten mercilessly by an unidentified gang of thugs, and the communist regime has promised to quash the protests.

“Jimmy Sham, one of the public faces of Hong Kong’s protest movement, was left bloodied and lying on the street after allegedly being assaulted by an unidentified gang in Mong Kok district last night,” Daily Mail said.

After the attack on Sham, a veteran of the Tiananmen Square protests of the late 1980’s publicly warned of violence if the protests continued to grow.

“The Communist Party is determined to let blood flow in Hong Kong,” Wang Dan said last month.

“Some friends have advised Hong Kong protesters not to resort to violent measures. They said it would draw violence from the country,” he continued. “But Jimmy Sham had always promoted peaceful, sensible and non-violent (demonstrations), and had followed the principle again and again while organising rallies, but [he] still received the murder-like attack.”

Still, the protestors continue to battle for their five demands.

What began as a demonstration against a controversial extradition bill that would have allowed residents of Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China to face criminal charges, has morphed into a full-fledged fight for independence. The government of Hong Kong even bowed to the original demand, and squashed the extradition bill.

But the protestors added four more demands to their list, and have vowed not to stop fighting until their demands are met. Those demands are “an independent probe into the use of force by police; amnesty for arrested protesters; a halt to categorising the protests as riots; and the implementation of universal suffrage,” according to the South China Morning Post.

The eyes of the world are on Beijing and the residents of Hong Kong, hoping that the situation resolves itself non-violently.