Being able to get away with murder, or dozens of murders, is a hilarious concept to twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Clinton was jokingly pressed by “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah on how she managed to kill pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in a Manhattan jail cell, and the 71-year-old, scandal-plagued former secretary of state couldn’t contain herself.

“I have to ask you a question that has been plaguing me for a while: How did you kill Jeffrey Epstein?” Noah asked, prompting Clinton to burst out in laughter.

“Because you’re not in power, but you have all the power. I really need to understand how you do what you do, because you seem to be behind everything nefarious, and yet you do not use it to become president,” he continued, as Clinton incessantly nodded in agreement. “Honestly, what does it feel like being the boogeyman to the right?”


Clinton, who sat alongside her daughter, Chelsea, to promote their new book, “The Book of Gutsy Women,” gleefully chuckled about the allegations, which she did not deny.

“Well, it’s a constant surprise to me,” she said. “The things they say, and now, of course, it’s on steroids with being online, are so ridiculous, beyond any imagination that I could have. And yet they are so persistent in putting forth these crazy ideas and theories. “

“Honestly,” she continued, “I don’t know what I ever did to get them so upset. … I’ve gotten kind of used to it.” 

Chelsea then came to her mother’s defense, admitting Clinton is now viewed as a serial killer even among her supporters after the 2016 presidential race.

Political discourse is now based on a “constant erosion of truth and sanity,” she argued.

Immediately after Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell in August while awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges, the internet lit up with allegations claiming he was murdered and Clinton was responsible for his death. The hashtag #ClintonBodyCount trended on social media.

Claims linking Clinton to Epstein’s death come as evidence surfaced indicating the Clinton family would have been implicated in the prosecution against the child sex-trafficker.

According to flight records obtained by FoxNews.com, former President Bill Clinton was a frequent flyer on the registered sex offender’s infamous jet. Clinton has claimed that he took four trips aboard the “Lolita Express,” and was accompanied on those occasions by the Secret Service.

However, flight logs reveal the former president had conspicuously taken at least 26 trips aboard the child rapist’s jet and even ditched his Secret Service detail during at least five of the flights.

Photographs obtained by Daily Mail in August reveal the former president is depicted in a large painting that hung in Epstein’s Manhattan mansion. Clinton is featured in the painting posing suggestively in red stilettos and a blue dress, reminiscent of Monica Lewinsky’s infamous blue Gap dress that bore a semen stain from her administering oral sex to Clinton.

A state medical examiner has concluded that Epstein committed suicide by hanging on Aug. 10.

Yet, earlier this week, renowned medical examiner Michael Baden, who was hired by the Epstein family to oversee the pedophile’s autopsy, announced an abundance of evidence proves Epstein was murdered, and did not take his own life by hanging himself.

“The evidence points towards homicide rather than suicide. Because there are multiple – three fractures – in the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage, that are very unusual for suicide and more indicative of strangulation, homicidal strangulation,” he explained on “Fox and Friends” Thursday. “Hanging does not cause these broken bones and homicide does. Usually two bones, even three is a huge amount if pressure was applied.”

Epstein was allegedly left alone, with no surveillance or guards watching him from 3:30 am to 6:30 am on Aug. 10, when corrections officers found his body.

The two prison guards who were responsible for overseeing his cell purportedly fell asleep, a situation Bader said he’s never seen in decades of investigating prison deaths.

The odds of two prison guards falling asleep is “extremely unlikely,” he said. “I have never seen it in 50 years of investigating all deaths that occur in prisons in New York State – never had two guards fall asleep at the same time or the video doesn’t work. The issue would be, did somebody come in and cause his death?”

New York City chief medical examiner Barbara Sampson shot back, rejecting Baden’s assertions, insisting she stands “firmly” behind her conclusion that Epstein’s death was a suicide.

Meanwhile, more than 80 days have passed since Epstein’s death and the team of investigators who obtained DNA from his jail cell have yet to release information on the DNA they obtained from the scene, Baden contends.

“They took fingernail clippings to see if there is anyone else’s DNA on it and that hasn’t been released, neither has the information about whose DNA is on the ligature. A ligature is made out of torn strips of orange sheets, and whoever made it had to have a lot of DNA on it and the brother has been asking that from day one,” he said. “We don’t even know who’s examined it.”