Apple is set to solve one of the world’s most pressing issues: how does one use a gendered emoji if one does not identify as a male or female?

Now, iPhone users won’t have to worry about that, as Apple will soon release 138 gender neutral emojis, according to Bloomberg. The genderless emoji project is part of Apple’s commitment to “celebrating diversity in all its many forms,” and the company said that “these new options help fill a significant gap in the emoji keyboard.” The new emojis don’t look a whole lot different from either the male or female emoji:

Apple has tried to brand itself as a “woke” social justice purveyor. In March, CEO Tim Cook, who is openly gay, celebrated “Trans Day of Visibility,” one of the many days that compromise Pride Year.

“The trans community at Apple makes us stronger and more vibrant. On this #TransDayOfVisibility, we’re grateful to all who live their truths and bring their authentic selves to work,” he said on Twitter.

“Living their truth” and “being their authentic selves” is a contradiction in terms, but like the rest of the far-left social justice platform, it doesn’t really have to make sense, it just has to be sufficient to show your social justice friends that you are social justice-y enough to be part of the club.

Apple and its CEO are also massive hypocrites.

Just recently, at the behest of the communist Chinese regime, Apple removed an application called HKmaps from its iOS App Store. HKmaps was being used by protestors in Hong Kong in their fight for democracy against the brutal dictatorship in Beijing. But Apple, which needs China in order to maintain its current profit margins, did not want to rock the boat with their Chinese overlords.

We reported on Cook’s hypocrisy in the context of Cook holding an interview with People En Español, the Spanish-language version of People Magazine, during which he bashed America as a fundamentally unjust country because, in his view, the country treats LGBT people and DREAMers poorly.

Just last week, Apple pulled HKmaps, an application used by actual oppressed people in Hong Kong during their fight for democracy and against the brutal communist regime in Beijing, from the iOS App store. See, Apple does a huge amount of business in China. It’s where they hire child slave laborers to assemble devices like the Apple Watch, for example. Cook wasn’t willing to stand up for social justice in China where it could hurt his company’s bottom line, but he’ll bash America all day long because he’s got nothing to lose.

That’s not bravery, it’s cowardice.

It puts him in the same category as National Basketball Association players like LeBron James and Stephen Curry, who caused a kerfuffle when they, too, suddenly became tepid in their social justice-ness after the league told them to shut up about the Hong Kong protests because the NBA is getting rich off the Chinese.

Make no mistake, these vanity projects are not actually about equality, or justice, or mega corporations caring about people. If Apple cared about people, it wouldn’t hire children to work 12 hours a day for pennies an hour in sweatshops. The company is simply putting on a rainbow face because that’s what it is supposed to do by today’s social justice norms.