The Sarasota Herald-Tribune Friday published a letter to the editor that was filled with slander of President Donald J. Trump and his supporters.

Penned by a self-described old man named Bart Coyle, the letter reinforced the now-debunked narrative that Trump is a Russian asset – despite the fact that the Justice Department found that to be untrue – and compared Trump’s supporters to Swastika-wearing Nazis.

In the opening of the letter, Coyle established himself as a Constitutional scholar by describing his boyhood trips to Independence Hall in Philadelphia:

As a kid in Philadelphia I spent a lot of time at Independence Hall. My club, the Eagles, would hop onto a trolley car and go to Independence Hall for meetings.

What we learned there is that our country is based on a Constitution developed by the Founding Fathers, a Constitution that appears to be in jeopardy today.

Clearly, we’re not dealing with a serious intellectual here, which makes the next two paragraphs in the letter rather unsurprising. Coyle jumped right to comparing Trump supporters to Nazis.

I’m old now and probably shouldn’t really care about what happens to America, but when I see the MAGA hats that Donald Trump supporters wear I can only relate it to the swastikas worn by supporters of the Nazi regime.

I understand that some folks thought that a Trump presidency would Make America Great Again, but it didn’t. Indeed, it made America the laughing stock of the world.

You can trust Coyle on this because, despite the fact that he’s never met a real Nazi, he used to travel to Independence Hall as a kid.

At this point, the The Sarasota Herald-Tribune had only made the mistake of publishing a random person’s idiotic opinion, which is well within its rights (and the expectation of its readers) as a propaganda outlet for the Democratic Party, otherwise known as a newspaper. But the paper decided to publish a slanderous lie against Trump in Coyle’s final two paragraphs of analysis.

His presidency sent a message to allies that they cannot depend on America. Allies and their children are being slaughtered today as a result of Trump’s policies, but I am guessing the MAGA hat people are OK with that.

If you are OK with the Russians controlling America, keep supporting Trump and you will have to deal with the legacy you leave to your children.

Trump has long been cleared of this “Russian collusion” nonsense, and in fact, most of the “news” outlets in D.C. have utterly forgotten about it. It was a failed attempt to take down a duly elected president, and they’ve since moved on to their next attempt – also destined for failure – which is “Ukrainian quid pro quo.”

Far be it from me to question the authority of Constitutional and intellectual titan Bart Coyle of Lakewood Ranch, FL, who used to visit Independence Hall in Philly, but if you’re going to slander the president, at least have the self-awareness to use the slander du jour.

And if you’re a newspaper considering publishing slanderous lies about the president, maybe hold off for the sake of your own reputation.