Artist Kanye West, who has most recently faced public scrutiny for his support of President Donald J. Trump, appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Thursday night just hours before his new album was released.

“Jesus Is King,” which is essentially a Christian rap album, was released Friday at noon. In promoting his album on Kimmel’s show, he extolled Christian values, and explained how his life had changed after focusing on his faith.

“Now that God has called me, and now that I’ve given my life to Jesus Christ and I work for God, now we have Christian innovation in our time,” West said. “There was a time when the Medici family and all the greatest artists did work for the church. Now it seems like all the best designs and everything have this adult edge to it.”

He continued, discussing his family life and addressing a question that Kimmel had asked him during the last interview they did together.

“And I have a family,” he said. “I have four children, I’ve been married for five years, and the perspective – because you asked me a question last year: ‘Did having a daughter change my life’ – and I’ve completely turned around from what my perspective was last year to where it is now, and I feel like there’s so few individuals in a position like mine to be able to give their opinion and stand up and say this is what family is about. And I feel that God is using me and using the choir and using my family to show off.”

Refreshingly, the late night comedy show host struck a pro-Christian tune during the segment, which is uncommon for far-left Hollywood types in 2019.

West also promoted an IMAX film that he released alongside the album, and encouraged the black community to learn from one another when they are successful in order to lead better lives as a whole.


The initial reactions to “Jesus Is King” are rolling in this afternoon.

Some leftists are criticizing it simply because West donned a MAGA hat and visited Trump in the Oval Office, expressing his support for the 45th president.

“About to stream or buy the new Kanye West album? Keep this image in mind as you do,” said Forbes music blogger Hugh McIntyre.

“Some of the same hypocrites that go after Candace Owens and Trump everyday are talking about which track they like best off of #JesusIsKing as if Kanye West doesn’t align himself with them. When Trump gets reelected in 2020, blame your cognitive dissonance,” alleged journalist Ernest Owens said.

But by and large, ordinary fans seem to be enjoying the album.

“I’m loving what I hear so far #JesusisKing,” another Twitter user said.

“Kanye is the greatest of all times #jesusisking,” said another user.

Def Jam records, West’s current recording label, promoted the album with a SpongeBob gif.

As reported by several outlets, the album hit #1 on iTunes music shortly after its release. The long-anticipated album was pushed back for a few weeks after its original release date, adding to the hype.