Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down with People En Español, the Spanish-language version of People Magazine for an interview that proved just how hypocritical he and Apple are.

The interview, which was published Thursday, was all about social justice, Cook’s coming out as a gay man, his support for LGBT youth and DREAMers, and how virtuous and “woke” his company is.

In reference to coming out as gay, Cook said:

I don’t know that I really had a fear. What I thought about or what I considered was, I thought about the company. Not so much whether I would have support in the company because we have a very open employee base. I didn’t worry about that. But outside of Apple, yes, because the world is still not friendly to gay or trans people in many countries but also within our country. I mean you look at it … there’s still half the states or so where you can be fired for being gay or trans.

Along with that indictment of the United States’ treatment of gay people, Cook said he wanted to be an inspiration to LGBT youth and to the parents of LGBT youth, many of whom he said have reached out to him for advice.

On DREAMers, children who are in America under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals [DACA] program – young people whose illegal alien parents brought them to America when they were young and who are also illegal aliens – Cook was quick to criticize America’s immigration policy.

We know that we create better products by being more diverse. We know the best products are created by the most diverse teams because products are created for everyone. So you want people with a different lens on the world and on different subjects to get together to create. And if you could have these ideas in a collaborative environment, there’s no limit to what you can create. When I talk to folks that are in the United States in the DACA program, what I see is a level of grit, a level of determination, a level of excitement to be in America to achieve something and to go beyond perhaps where their parents did. I see enormous dedication and [a] very diligent work ethic, which I’ve always deeply admired. It was the way I was brought up as well. That’s what I see, and I think it’s a travesty that we’re allowing, as a society, this cloud to hang over their heads for any period of time, but even more so for the period of time we have. Sometimes people get confused and think of it as a numbers thing. But these are people. These are people with real stories behind them. And they’re every bit as American as I am. When I speak to them, I’m speaking to Americans from my point of view. They’re American in every respect except they don’t have the paper. So let’s give them the paper and do the right thing. I became worried that we’re only a court ruling away from the wrong decision. So that’s the motivation of really putting our company and personal name out there to push. We’ve been pushing as you probably know for quite some time on this. This is the last mile, and we must be successful here.

In sum, Cook views America in the same light as many high-profile liberals: that it is a fundamentally unjust place with serious issues. But perhaps the timing of the interview was not the best for Cook, because it exposed his utter hypocrisy.

Just last week, Apple pulled HKmaps, an application used by actual oppressed people in Hong Kong during their fight for democracy and against the brutal communist regime in Beijing, from the iOS App store. See, Apple does a huge amount of business in China. It’s where they hire child slave laborers to assemble devices like the Apple Watch, for example. Cook wasn’t willing to stand up for social justice in China where it could hurt his company’s bottom line, but he’ll bash America all day long because he’s got nothing to lose.

That’s not bravery, it’s cowardice.

It puts him in the same category as National Basketball Association players like LeBron James and Stephen Curry, who caused a kerfuffle when they, too, suddenly became tepid in their social justice-ness after the league told them to shut up about the Hong Kong protests because the NBA is getting rich off the Chinese.

At the risk of sounding jaded, always assume that liberals are acting in bad faith – that they’re not doing what’s right, they’re doing what’s in their best interest at the time. And most of all, never trust a liberal to stand up for you when it will cost them something. When that is the case, they will cower.