If you thought Rep. Ilhan Omar, the anti-Semitic Minnesota Democrat who married her brother and illegally used campaign funds during an affair with her married campaign manager was sleazy, there’s another far-left freshman Democrat giving scandal-plagued congresswoman a run for her money.

Naked pictures of Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA), who’s on Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) impeach-Trump committee, are lighting up the internet.

One of the shocking naked photos reveals the California lawmaker’s tattoo of what appears to be a Nazi-era Iron Cross on her crotch.

In the photo indicating Hill’s support of Nazism, she is seen smoking a giant bong filled with a muddy brown liquid.

The cross appears nearly identical to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross, a war medal given to Nazi forces during World War II.

“After World War II, the medal was discontinued but neo-Nazis and other white supremacists subsequently adopted it as a hate symbol and it has been a commonly-used hate symbol ever since,” according to the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish civil rights group.

The ADL notes, however, “the Iron Cross also became one of several Nazi-era symbols adopted by outlaw bikers, more to signify rebellion or to shock than for any white supremacist ideology.”

According to Daily Mail, which obtained the photo, “the picture reveals it was taken on 9/11 in 2017, before marijuana was legalized for recreational consumption in California.”

The shocking photos of Hill beg the questions:

  • If you’re a Jewish voter and/or a voter of color, do you really trust the Democrat Party anymore?
  • Has a secret Nazi sex cult taken over the Democrat party?
  • Democrats and the mainstream media claim Trump supporters are white supremacists, but how many Republican members of Congress have the highest vintage Nazi medal emblem tattooed on their crotches?
  • What else are the Democrats hiding in their underwear?

Ironically, last year Hill blasted war veteran David Brayton for posting a meme that contained a similar looking cross, warning his “hateful rhetoric” helped fuel “violence across America.”

The post, Hill claimed, left her “deeply disturbed.”  

Hill has yet to provide comment on the photo and or explain what the tattoo etched on her crotch symbolizes.

She is seen in another photo obtained by the Mail making out with a young female staffer.

The staffer, who has been identified as 24-year old Morgan Desjardins of Santa Clarita, California, began her affair with Hill as a three-way with Hill’s now-estranged husband Heslep in 2017.

Photos that surfaced last week obtained by Red State, show the 32-year old congresswoman sitting in a chair naked while brushing Desjardin’s hair.

More photos showing Hill and Desjardins kissing in a steamy shower were obtained by Daily Mail, but not published.

The California Democrat, who is now undergoing a bitter divorce, claimed Tuesday her soon-to be ex-husband conspired with unnamed “Republican operatives” to plant the revenge-porn photos.

“The fact is I am going through a divorce from an abusive husband who seems determined to try to humiliate me,” she said in a press statement.

She then admitted on Wednesday she had been in an “inappropriate” polyamorous relationship with her now-estranged husband and Desjardins and said she ended her relationship with them both in May 2019 to focus on work.

Pictures of Hill’s sexcapades along with a cache of text messages between her and her lovers were posted online under a Reddit thread called “WouldYouF**KMyWife,” Daily Mail reports.

The House Ethics Committee announced Wednesday night it opened an investigation into the freshman lawmaker, who serves as vice chair of the powerful House Oversight Committee, which is holding impeachment inquiry to remove President Trump from office.