Fox Sports 1 reporter Jason Whitlock has been on a heater for the past week, dishing out beatdowns to the hypocritical NBA and its players who have kneeled before the brutal communist Chinese regime instead of standing for freedom in Hong Kong.

“NBA has given up on America. NBA business model is based on getting an NFL-like TV contract from China. If that means promoting Marxist ideas and a Communist point of view of America and Western culture, NBA, LeBron and Nike are all in,” he said on Twitter Tuesday.


Whitlock bashed LeBron James in particular, who broke his silence on the NBA’s Hong Kong controversy Monday to side with the league and his Chinese overlords, who will make sure that he stays paid as long as he doesn’t criticize the regime or promote democracy in Hong Kong.

“The only color this is about is Green. LeBron is a global elite, doing what global elites do. Chase the bag. The social justice charade is about securing the bag in communist China. It’s all just one large PR scam orchestrated by Nike,” Whitlock said.

Whitlock was replying to a tweet in which someone wondered whether LeBron would stick up for Hong Kong if it had a high population of black residents.


“Chasing the bag” is a euphemism for chasing money.

James had criticized the United States’ policy of free expression, the same one he has used to batter President Donald J. Trump, and advocate for social justice issues.

“We do have freedom of speech, but there can be a lot of negatives that come with that too,” he said.

Above are but two examples of Whitlock’s razor-sharp tweets over the past week, which have stemmed from a controversy surrounding the NBA’s kowtowing to communist China. When Houston Rockets general manager tweeted his support for a free Hong Kong, the league forced him to remove the tweet, causing a firestorm. The NBA is known as a “woke” professional sports league, and most of the reporters who cover it take their cues from the league. Whitlock has been unwilling to submit to that dynamic.

He appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” last week, where he exposed the reason for the league’s tepid response to one of its own advocating for democracy. That reason, of course, is money.

“These basketball players, LeBron James, James Harden actually apologized on behalf of [Houston Rockets General Manager] Daryl Morey to the Chinese government,” he said in the interview. “We are apologizing to a communist government and then we have athletes here and coaches like Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich that rail against our government. We’re the bad guys in the minds of these NBA players and coaches and their little parade of being so woke.”

“I think the cultural impact that China’s influence over a great sport, great American sport like basketball, is just now being exposed and just how dependent the NBA is on the Chinese economy and the Chinese money to put on the appearance of how great the league is doing. Without the Chinese money and without — you really have to understand the shoe companies, Nike, Adidas, they run American basketball from the high school level all the way to the pros and the shoe companies are dependent on the China market and that’s where all of this is coming from.”