Newly released undercover video obtained by Project Veritas confirms President Trump’s longtime criticism against one of the most politically biased and corrupt propaganda networks on television: CNN is fake news.

Ahead of CNN’s heavily promoted Democratic debate on Tuesday, investigative undercover watchdog Project Veritas released secretly recorded footage showcasing the tactics senior officials at the fake news network employ to select their preferred presidential candidate.

“Tonight, CNN is hosting the latest debate with the Democratic contenders for the 2020 presidential campaign. Based on our own CNN insider undercover reporting, the network has already picked its winners and losers,” Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe warns in the newly released video.

Hundreds of hours of clandestine footage recorded by CNN insider Cary Poarch, who wants CNN to “get back to the facts and get back to reporting news,” show CNN’s Media Coordinator Christian Sierra admitting the network helps propel a candidate’s campaign by giving the preferred candidate more air time.   

 “Who is CNN unfairer against right now on the debate?” Poarch asked Sierra.

“I think probably Yang and Klobuchar. One of the lesser ones. Just cause they’re going to talk about Biden more Warren and Sanders. They’re not going to mention others,” Sierra replies. “They want to cover the people who are on the top. They don’t want to cover the bottom.”

The CNN insider then asks Sierra to weigh in on who the network’s president, Jeff Zucker, is rooting for in the presidential race.

“Here’s the thing, I don’t know. I think [Zucker] wants a Democrat but I don’t think he has any particular favorite,” he said. “Here’s the thing – he donated before to Kamala Harris when she was running for Senate in California. Um, but, I think he kind of likes Pete, but I can tell he also likes Biden and Warren.”

The most favorable candidate of the network, Sierra admitted, is Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

“I think they like Warren a lot,” he said. “They don’t like Tulsi. They don’t like Tulsi Gabbard.”

Gabbard is not radical enough to attain favorability at CNN, Sierra notes, warning “she supports, Assad and she’s not taking a conventional route when it comes to one policy, stuff like that.”

Despite Zucker’s affinity towards Biden, the Democratic front runner, CNN executives are weary about propelling his candidacy given his son’s corrupt dealings with Ukraine, CNN senior correspondent Evan Perez warns.

“Now I’ll tell you this. Joe Biden has a problem. Because his son was trading in his name. It looks bad. It smells bad. It’s not illegal,” Evans said. “How do you go and say that Donald Trump is the person, get him out of here, and convict him, when your son is doing the same shit.”

In a discussion about why Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign rally isn’t broadcast in its entirety, a CNN employee indicated that decisions seem to be based on ratings:

CNN will seldom air coverage of Biden’s rallies, CNN Media Coordinator Nick Neville admits, because it would only hurt the scandal-plagued former vice president’s candidacy and sink the network’s ratings.

“They probably think it’s boring… people would change, people would change the channel.”

Zucker was also recorded in a 9 a.m. editorial staff meeting directing his employers to inundate viewers with segments covering Sen. Kamala Harris’ (D-CA) demand for Twitter to suspend Trump’s account in order to drive ratings.

“It’s not gonna happen, but it’s a good segment in the show, ‘Should Trump’s Twitter account be suspended?,’ It’s obviously what Kamala Harris has… others are talking about it. Not gonna happen, but it’s a good talk, it’s a good segment,” Zucker said.

Project Veritas obtained the undercover footage from Cary Poarch, the network’s former satellite uplink technician and a registered Democrat, who told the watchdog he decided to record the corruption with the media outlet because working at CNN is a “nightmare” and he could no longer idly stand by as the network was “pumping out propaganda.”

“There was a strong group-think that permeated through the halls and that everyone was onboard the ‘I hate Trump Train,” he said.

Poarch was reportedly still working at CNN Monday morning gathering information to send to Project Veritas, but announced on Fox News’ Hannity Monday night that he was no longer employed as a result of the clandestine recording.   

A GoFundMe page created by Project Veritas to support Poarch amid his termination from CNN has amassed nearly $73,000 since the release of the first video exposing the fake news network on Monday afternoon.

President Trump mocked the network Tuesday, floating a “rumor” that Zucker would step down amid the damning exposure of the network’s bias.

“Now that we have found out that @CNN is a virtual fraud, rumor has it that Jeff Zucker will be resigning momentarily?” Trump tweeted.