A Google whistleblower took a swing at his former employer on Twitter Monday for allegedly throttling websites that promote natural remedies to medical issues in order to protect Big Pharma’s reign of power.

“Oh look here’s @Google, wiping out an entire economic sector in favor of big-pharma:” Zach Vorhies said.

Vorhies’ Twitter bio says “I was a Senior Software Engineer at YouTube/Google until I discovered their AI censorship weapons. Now I am a whistle-blower fighting against censorship of YOU.”

He posted a graphic alleging that sites like Top10HomeRemedies, GreenMedInfo, and GlobalHealingCenter – among many others – have been purposefully throttled between Aug. 15 of 2018, and Aug. 15 of this year. In some cases, reduction of visibility in these sites decreased more than 90%. The data comes from Sistrix and Ahrefs, both professional search engine optimization tools.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, sites ostensibly deemed as safe to Big Pharma – or even funded by it like Mayo Clinic – saw their visibility increase over the same time period.

Fascinatingly, when one looks up the same disease on WebMD, a Google-preferred website, and Top10HomeRemedies a non-Google preferred website, the information presented is nearly identical. I looked up Pancreatitis as an example.

Here are the symptoms of acute Pancreatitis according to WebMD:

Here are the symptoms of acute Pancreatitis according to Top10HomeRemedies:

The causes of the disease on both sites are described nearly identically, too, as are the treatments.

WellnessMama boasts itself as a site that provides “Simple Answers for Healthier Families.” It features innocuous headlines like Egg Substitutes for Cooking and Baking, 7 Natural Remedies for Eczema, and Best Natural and Non-Toxic Toys for Kids.

SelfHacked provides readers with information like 41 Natural Ways To Lower LDL Cholesterol Levels, and the health benefits and side effects of various natural remedies like ginger and horsetail.

The reason that Google would throttle down the traffic on these sites is obvious: natural remedies hurt the financial bottom line of Big Pharma companies, which make huge sums when you visit the doctor and are prescribed Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated drugs. We live in a drugged-up society that has been convinced that the only cures to its health issues lie within a system of government-financed labs that produce non-natural remedies for all of our healthcare needs, and that natural remedies are somehow primitive and unacceptable in the 21st century.

The macro explanation for Google’s favoritism of the large, corporate controlled sites over the others is the same explanation for why Google censors any content. It wants control of the narrative on behalf of the established order.

For the same reason, Google throttles independent conservative news media outlets, and why Google-owned YouTube is known for censoring those who harbor conservative – particularly pro-Trump – views.

The established order does not want competitors for CNN and NBC, so Google shuts them down. When the establishment says jump, Google asks, “How high?” Perhaps better stated – Google is part of the established order. It donates to leftist political candidates who hate Trump’s guts, and even some right-wing politicians whom it considers to be “safe” all the time. It is all about control of the narrative.