President Donald Trump ripped Rep. Ilhan Omar at his campaign rally in Minnesota, warning the Muslim congresswoman is a “virulent anti-Semitic” who violated U.S. immigration law by marrying her own brother.

Omar is “an America-hating socialist,” Trump told his 70,000 supporters at a “Make America Great Again” rally at the Target Center Monday night.

 “I know you people –  I know the people of Minnesota. I want to tell you —  it’s both a question and a statement, how the hell did that ever happen?” the president asked, referring to Rep. Omar getting elected.

“How do you have such a person representing you in Minnesota? I’m very angry at you people right now,” the president quipped.

Trump then listed a slew of instances in which Omar has showcased anti-Semitism.

“She is a disgrace to our country, and she is one of the big reasons that I’m going to win and the Republican party is going to win Minnesota in 13 months,” he said. “She minimized the September 11th attack on our homeland where far more than 3,000 people died, saying, ‘Some people did something, big deal. Some people did something.”

“Representative Omar has a history of launching virulent anti-semitic screeds, whether you like it or not. She’s said the U.S. support for Israel is all about the Benjamins,” he continued. “She said that pro-Israel lawmakers have an allegiance to a foreign country. Omar wrote that Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them to see the evil doings of Israel and the United States.”

Trump called attention to allegations leveled against the freshman Democrat, charging her with marriage, immigration, and tax fraud.

The mainstream media is ignoring Omar’s corruption, Trump argued. The president then commended Power Line reporter Scott Johnson for first exposing the Minnesota lawmaker’s marriage to her Somalian brother.

“He knows a great deal about all those tangled lies of Omar, Mr. Scott Johnson of Power Line. He wrote some stuff, I can’t believe it,” Trump said. “Thank you, Scott. What a job. Man, do you have her figured out. The only problem is, Scott, it’s incredible talent, much more talented than most of these people that you heard about. The problem is they never pick it up. They don’t want to pick it up, but we pick it up, Scott, and the people get it and we thank you for your great reporting. Thank you. Thank you very much.”

“And Scott reported everything about Omar is a fraud, including her name,” Trump continued. “Scott reports his sources told him that, quote, ‘Omar’s legal husband was Omar’s brother and that she had married him for fraudulent purposes.’ You mean like coming into the United States, maybe?”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are giving the far left “Squad”dominion over the Democrat Party, the president warned.

“In a desperate attempt to attack our movement, Nancy and Chuck — two beauties — have handed the Democrat Party to radical leftists,” he said. “I call it AOC plus three, that’s what it is, and Omar is one of the three. What AOC has gotten away with all of that money that she used for her personal self with campaign finance is worse, and nothing happens to them, but it happens to you, and it’s not fair.

“The fact is, we’re in a struggle for the survival of democracy in America. The only message these radical socialists and extremists will understand – is a crushing defeat on November 3rd, 2020. With your help, we will win back the House, we will keep the Senate and we will win the White House.”