President Donald J. Trump is using every tool at his disposal in order to get his America First message across to the American people in the face of massive censorship of conservative speech by Big Tech.

To that end, the 45th President opened a Twitch account, a relatively new streaming service used mostly by gamers to livestream video game play, first reported by Reuters. Twitch is owned by Amazon, which, like most of its Silicon Valley counterparts, is not known for its friendliness towards conservatives. The Jeff Bezos-owned giant has been known to ban and censor conservative books from its online store. But that hasn’t stopped Trump.

Thursday night, he rallied in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and more than 200,000 people tuned into the speech on his Twitch channel.

Trump’s use of Twitch is an interesting cultural intersection with presidential politics. Gamer culture is deeply embedded within the right-wing and Trump movements. Some even claim that GamerGate, during which far-left game reviewers and “journalists” worked with a gaming company to bolster the ratings and hype surrounding a relatively disinteresting video game with major “social justice” motifs, sparked Trump’s massive online movement during his candidacy. The gamers were miffed that “social justice” was encroaching on their recreational activity, which many use as a way to temporarily escape the “social justice” hellscape that is reality. In a sense, Trump has “come home” to his younger constituency that exists on the information superhighway.

Trump’s Twitch channel has more than 7,000 followers as of Friday. The entire service boasts a user base of 15 million. By contrast, Trump has almost 65 million followers on Twitter alone.

Sill, the move bolsters Trump’s online footprint in a time when conservatives are being squeezed by Big Tech.

Briefly, Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), which was the only reliable online streaming service for Trump’s infamous rallies, lost its ability to live stream, and nearly its livelihood as an organization.

As we reported a month ago:

“After 300 million + views of President [Trump’s] rallies and 4 years following the rules on YouTube, our live streaming ability was taken away with no explanation. We have ZERO copyright or community violations on our account. We are shocked. Why, [YouTube]?” the network said on Twitter.

RSBN has been a staple of the Trump-supporting community for a period of years. Their live coverage of Trump’s massive rallies has been streamed into campaign events for conservative candidates for public office, GOP county meetings, and conservative homes since before Trump was elected.

As of Thursday night’s rally, RSBN was back up-and-running, and streamed the event without interference.

Still, the fact that hundreds of thousands of Twitch users are already tuning into Trump’s new channel bodes well from the 2020 incumbent. Without being able to rely on fair coverage from the leftist media, Trump has had to circumvent the system completely. Speaking directly to Americans via his Twitter account and massive, nationwide rallies, have been his two most effective methods of shaking the chokehold of the media.

As the 2020 cycle heats up, expect Trump to continue to bolster his online footprint.