This is a truly great story, in that it proves just how the Democratic Party and its lapdogs in the mainstream media are working together against President Donald J. Trump, and hoping that Big Tech will join in on their fun.

Step 1) Media run with bogus Ukrainian “whistleblower” story.

Step 2) Media owned when Trump releases call transcripts.

Step 3) Trump expertly fundraises off of media hysteria.

Step 4) Media cry about Trump fundraising off their bogus story.

Enter HuffPost, one of the many leftist propaganda outlets that swore up and down that Trump “colluded” with Russia in 2016, only to have their dreams of impeachment and removal crushed by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III after two years of investigating what was obviously a nothing-burger from the beginning.

The outlet has jumped all aboard the Ukrainian impeachment train, the destination of which is the corner of sheer Democrat disappointment and far-left tears. They’re ploughing forward, despite the fact that Trump released his transcript of the call with Ukraine’s president, showing that he did not engage in a “quid pro quo,” as promised by our media betters at sites like HuffPost.

Perhaps realizing that they’re destined to lose (again) and that the impeachment inquiry (on which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) refuses to call a vote, trying to avoid jeopardizing 30 Democrat-held seats in pro-Trump congressional districts) is likely to massively backfire, HuffPost is moving to the scramble faze of its protection of Democrat interests at all costs.

Now, they’re advocating for Trump’s advertisements to be banned by Facebook, because that’s perhaps the only way the political left will be able to contain this disaster. Trump has raised millions off the impeachment talk, building a war chest that he is calling the Impeachment Defense Fund.

“‘LEARN THE TRUTH,’ President Donald Trump’s campaign declared in a Facebook ad that launched last week. ‘Joe Biden PROMISED Ukraine $1 BILLION DOLLARS if they fired the prosecutor investigating his son’s company,'” HuffPost said.

“The premise of the still-active ad is false: There’s no evidence that Trump’s potential 2020 presidential rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, pressured Ukraine to fire its prosecutor general for reasons relating to his son Hunter Biden,” it opined.

In fact, there is evidence to support that claim. Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani did an interview on Fox News, and he brought the receipts, as the kids say.

Facts notwithstanding (which should be HuffPost’s slogan), the supposed news outlet is pressuring Facebook to remove Trump’s advertisements. Some, like the same Democrats who promulgated the Russia Hoax, might call that “election interference.”

“But facts like that aren’t important — at least not to Facebook,” HuffPost cried.

It then quoted Gaurav Laroia, described as a senior policy counsel at Free Press, who promptly argued against, well, free press.

“By profiting off politicians selling false statements to the public, Facebook is complicit in the erosion of our civic health, discourse and democracy,” Laroia reportedly said in a statement. “The company should show some courage and stand up for the truth – at least in its advertising policies.”

The media is advocating for leftist supremacy of information so they can continue to lie with impunity. HuffPost wants to be an authoritative figure so it can spread its own falsehoods without being questioned by us peons, and it wants Big Tech to follow its lead. The problem is this: Neither HuffPost nor Facebook are trustworthy enough to hold such power, as evidenced by the fact that the very story they used to claim that Trump’s ads are misleading and that Facebook should shut them down, is a lie in itself.

Cry harder, HuffPost.