Local community organizer, Michelle Even, about whom LauraLoomer.us has previously reported on, is striving for still higher altitudes than getting the Pledge reinstated at a local council meeting. Ms. Even, in an exclusive interview with LauraLoomer.us, tells all regarding her reasons for creating MAGASOTA; a statewide campaign with the goal of achieving a Trump victory in the historically blue state in 2020. Ms. Even is optimistic about 45’s chances, and with good reason considering that Mr. Trump only lost Minnesota by a razor-slim 1.5% back in 2016.

Michelle Even, MAGASOTA

Ultimately, it was the general GOP apathy in the state following Trump’s election that enticed Ms. Even to start MAGASOTA. As she tells LauraLoomer.us, it was because “there seemed to be a disconnect between the Party and the volunteers”. Immediately after Trump lost Minnesota to Mrs. Bill Clinton, Even says that she was “immediately concerned about Trump’s reelection in 2020 and was told by those within the GOP establishment in Minnesota that she “shouldn’t worry” because it’s “too early”. Seeing this as her clarion call to action, Even wanted to be “organized and ready to go sooner rather than later”, and thus, MAGASOTA was born.

As previously stated, MAGASOTA is a statewide initiative dedicated to campaigning for President Trump’s reelection in Minnesota through strategic grassroots campaigning in key areas throughout the state. Minneapolis business woman, grassroots activist, and perennial LauraLoomer.us guest star, Marni Hockenberg adds, wittily but firmly, that the day-to-day of MAGASOTA will be a “swamp-free, drama-free zone” and that all “never-Trumpers, RINOs, and wish-washy people” need not conscript themselves to the cause and that MAGASOTA is for and by those who “love [Trump]” and aren’t interested in the typical political bluster that arises out of political power-plays and greed. Even adds that the election of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, about whom this author has written repeatedly, has given the constituents of Minnesota something of a moral debt that MAGASOTA hopes to repay. This would clear the way for “redemption”, as Hockenberg puts it, of Minnesota, in the eyes of the great United States. This would hopefully be enough to win over a great number of on-the-fencers and moderates to MAGASOTA’s side. As by no means a small point, a Trump victory would thwart Omar’s agenda for Minnesota; read the Explanatory Memorandum for elucidation on this matter.

From a strategic vantage point, Even says clearly and boldly that they are” building an Army and need all hands on deck” for successful evangelism. MAGASOTA’s strategic campaign will be less of a firebomb than it will be a surgical strike, with Even promising to focus on “the areas that need the extra attention”. An area of special concern was Minnesota’s “Iron Range”, referring to a number of iron-ore mining ranges around the northern Great Lake, Lake Superior. The Iron Range has historically held fealty to the DFL (Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party), primarily as a result of its largely unionized workforce. It is with this knowledge, Even and MAGASOTA plans to set its sights on the range, adding optimistically that they, “have already turned many people up there for Trump”, but that the work up there is far from complete.

The primary weapon in MAGASOTA’s arsenal will be the power of the written and spoken word. Even wants to initiate a “conversation” with the folks who do not currently support Trump and to allow a discussion highlighting Trump’s “positive policies” to carry the day through that “personal connection”. It was in that spirit of generating a connection and a community that the first MAGASOTA meeting was held at a local restaurant, cheerfully documented by Hockenberg herself on her popular YouTube Channel.

Hockenberg closes the interview by adding, crucially, that the grassroots effort is entirely out-of-pocket and that donations made on the website may well be the deciding factor in determining the future success of this one-of-a-kind proselytizing campaign. Those Donald Donations can be made here: https://www.magasota.com/contribute.

Josh Cohen