A startling case of anti-Semitism has come to light in Australia, where amid rising concerns of anti-Jewish sentiments across the nation, a group of young Muslim boys forced a Jewish boy to prostrate himself and kiss the feet of one of the Muslims.

“It reportedly began when a 12-year-old Jewish boy from Cheltenham Secondary College was allegedly lured to a park by a classmate with the promise of kick-to-kick football,” according to 7News Australia. “When the boy arrived he was surrounded by nine other 12 and 13-year-old boys and made to grovel at the feet of a Muslim classmate and kiss his feet or cop a beating. He complied.”

One of the Muslim boys filmed the incident, and posted it on Instagram. Screenshots were captured, and have circulated the web since:

Needless to say, there’s only one culture that behaves this way. Forcing members of other religions to submit is part and parcel of Islamic belief, as London Mayor Sadiq Khan might say.

The incident didn’t get any better after the young Jewish boy complied with the Muslim gang.

“After the incident – which occurred in July – the student endured months of racial taunts and slurs including being called a ‘Jewish ape’, ‘Jewish n****r’ and ‘Jewish gimp,'” according to the report.

He also faced physical abuse from the same group of students, according to his mother who spoke with Australian Jewish News (AJN).

“He had been punched in the face. The whole left side of his back was bruised. He had a gouge of skin out of his shoulder,” his mother said.

She also told the network that the school refused to address the feet-kissing incident because it happened at a local park, off of school grounds. She continued, noting that the school has refused to accept that the Muslim children are bullying Jewish children on the basis of religion. Instead, they’re chalking it up simply to ordinary bullying.

“They didn’t even want to call it antisemitism. To avoid action, everything becomes an ‘isolated incident’, so then it is not bullying or religious vilification,” the boy’s mother reportedly said.

The boy was eventually forced to leave the school due to the constant bullying.

7News spoke to Dr. Dvir Abramovich, the Chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission in Australia.

“Bullying and harassment of Jewish students at public schools is a deeply embedded menace that is reaching pitch-fever and should alarm us all,” he reportedly said. “We are gradually reaching a point of no return, and this frightening reality will not go away by inaction or silence, and now is the time name this virus of intolerance.”

As anti-Semitism is on the rise in Australia and New Zealand, officials seem to be ignoring one of the obvious root causes – mass Islamic immigration from the third-world. Instead, they’ve labeled “white supremacy” as the major cause for the uptick in anti-Semitism. This is a major disservice to the Jewish people of Australia and New Zealand, done in the name of political correctness and unwillingness to recognize that a bad immigration policy will lead to bad results.

“No child should be singled out and victimised simply because of their faith, and the fact that this is happening on a daily basis is shameful and outrageous,” Abramovich said.