Legendary comedian Roseanne Barr praised investigative journalist Laura Loomer for calling attention to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) corruption and decrepit California district.

Speaking to Joe Rogan as the two smoked cigars on the new podcast episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Barr blasted Pelosi for getting rich off the backs of American taxpayers while running one of the most poverty ridden districts in the country.  

“Nancy is on my last nerve. I’ve been saying it for ten years – you’ve got a lot to answer for in San Francisco and what you have allowed on the streets there to the homeless people, it’s disgusting,” Barr said. “I go up there and I am disgusted.”

“People are living in shit and filth,” she continued. “Their children are all drug addicts, dying in the fucking streets of the richest financial district on the West Coast. Where is that money going?”

In January, conservative provocateur Laura and a trio of self-described illegal aliens set up a “sanctuary” on the House speaker’s lawn in California in protest of Pelosi and the Democratic party’s opposition to President Trump’s proposed border wall.

“Nancy is a very rich Democrat, and she believes that everyone is welcome here, and sanctuary is a human right,” Loomer said in footage featuring her assembling the sanctuary.


Police eventually showed up and demanded Loomer and her crew leave the lawn.

Pelosi is an absent leader who is unconcerned about her constituents and Loomer showcased the speaker’s unscrupulous apathy, Barr argued.

“Laura Loomer went up to Nancy’s vineyard trying to find her,” she said. “If you guys don’t get yet that it don’t matter who the president is, it’s all a fucking scam to put public money into private pockets and nothing else. You are being robbed and nothing else. And they are both doing it – both parties both sides, both up and down.”

Both Republicans and Democrats are involved in politics to enrich themselves, Barr argued, as she called on President Trump to audit the federal reserve.

“It’s about the American people, we have got to go to Washington. You know that movie, Mr. Smith? We have all got to be Mr. Smith and all go to Washington. This is our government and that is our tax money and it will be audited, as Trump has promised.”

President Trump has stated he supports auditing the Federal Reserve, a move that is widely supported by Republicans but repudiated as infringement on the central bank’s autonomy by members of the Fed.

“As long as President Trump continues to make that promise to us,” she added, “I will be supportive of him because that needs to happen. The Federal Reserve must be audited, and we have to thank President Trump for going in that direction.”

Barr, star of the now discontinued hit sitcom Roseanne, which was canceled after the comedian famously published a tweet comparing former Obama advisor, Valerie Jarrett, to the offspring of “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes,” told Rogan that a Roseanne podcast addressing politics could be in the works.

“Roseanne, you need a goddamn podcast,” Rogan told Barr. “Your podcast would be monster.”

“I’m trying to get it,” Barr replied. “I need someone to tell me what to do. I really need to tell people what’s going on. They don’t even know. But I know because I did the reading for them.”

She added, “This is all just a social experiment to see how far they can push us – away from each other, away from any kind of possible power we could have to coalesce and say ‘wait a minute, you guys are not going to take any more of our money.’”