The Detroit Police should only hire black people to oversee their facial recognition technology because people of other races think “African-Americans all look the same,” warns Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI).

Tlaib made the bigoted remarks in a statement to the city’s police chief James Craig as she toured the Real Time Crime center in August, which displays surveillance footage monitoring streets around businesses in real time.

“Analysts need to be African Americans, not people that are not,” Tlaib declared during the “tense” tour with Craig, The Detroit News reported.

Craig repudiated Tlaib’s prejudiced condescension, telling Detroit News the Muslim congresswoman’s criticism is “insulting.”

“We have a diverse group of crime analysts, and what she said — that non-whites should not work in that capacity because they think all black people look alike — is a slap in the face to all the men and women in the crime center,” he said.

All officers and civilian employees undergo implicit bias training prior to working at the crime center, Craig noted.

“To say people should be barred from working somewhere because of the color of their skin? That’s racist,” he lamented.

Denzel McCampbell, a spokesman for Tlaib, justified the Michigan congresswoman’s remarks, arguing that studies show people are more adept at identifying individuals who are of their own race.

“Detroit has a black population of more than 80 percent, so that is where her basis came from and what she was trying to convey when it comes to accurate identification,” McCampbell said.

Law enforcement officials invited Tlaib to tour the facility after the lawmaker demanded Detroit Police Departments abandon the use of the cutting-edge technology.

“You should probably rethink this whole facial recognition bulls–t,” the Michigan Democrat tweeted in August.

The department shot backing requesting Tlaib schedule a visit.

“Before you criticize the software, come to our Real Time Crime Center to see how we @detroitpolice responsibly use it in efforts to identify criminals involved in violent crimes,” the department responded, asking for a time to schedule a visit.

Since taking office, Tlaib has repeatedly stoked racial tension, promoting at least four racially charged hoaxes on Twitter.

“The most recent example: the case of Amari Allen, a black 12-year-old girl in Virginia who claimed three white boys in her class pinned her down and cut off her dreadlocks. Allen has since recanted the story, but Tlaib has not issued a correction or deleted her tweet praising Allen as “courageous & strong” and having a ‘power that threatens their core,’” the Washington Free Beacon reports. “The activist who Tlaib retweeted apologized for spreading the story after Allen recanted her charge, but Tlaib didn’t share the apology or offer her own contrition.”

Tlaib also lashed out against conservatives when actor Jussie Smollet’s fabricated attack made national headlines, warning, “The dangerous lies spewing from the right wing is killing & hurting our people.”

When Smollet’s story fell apart, Tlaib was mum.

Tlaib, who was banned entry from Israel after calling for the Jewish state to be boycotted, is currently under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for allegedly violating campaign finance law.

“Federal Election Commission filings show that after her successful midterm election, Tlaib paid herself a total of $17,500 from her official campaign. Candidates are allowed to draw a salary during their campaign period but are blocked from doing so the day after the general election. Salary disbursements appear to have been made on Nov. 16 for $2,000 and Dec. 1 for $15,500,” Washington Examiner reports.

The freshman Democrat also faces a legal battle against investigative journalist Laura Loomer.

Loomer, who is currently running for Congress in Florida’s 21st district, alleges Tlaib assaulted her when she snatched her phone at a campaign event for Ilhan Omar last August and is seeking $2 million in damages for alleged assault and battery.