Donald Trump Jr. wrote a scorching opinion piece that was published in The Hill Monday morning.

After a brief discussion of the history of the First Amendment, he launched into a tirade against Silicon Valley titans of industry, who have deplatformed conservatives, sometimes by outrightly banning them from their platforms and other times using trickier tactics, like “shadow banning.”

“As I have written many times, the greatest threat to free speech and our democracy today is not the government, but the technology giants that deplatform people at the behest of liberals and then justify the action as ‘combating hate’ and making the internet somehow safer,” he said in the piece. “I was reminded of this reality when Instagram once again stifled my voice, as well as that of my father, by preventing our accounts from appearing in search results. As with every time this happens, Instagram simply blamed an error.”

Trump Jr. linked to his article on Twitter.

“Read my latest Op-Ed on social media censorship… That means you [Twitter]. I wish I would have noticed my 0 new followers this month despite 112,000,000 impressions when I wrote this! Free speech suppression online builds case to break up Big Tech,” he said.

Before the opinion piece was published, Trump Jr. showed some interesting numbers from his Twitter account. Despite more than 100 million impressions, he managed to gain zero new followers, which is either a recording error on behalf of Twitter, or blatant censorship.

“Well now it’s [Twitter]! Imagine a scenario where you have 112 million tweet impressions in a 28 day period with 0… yea ZERO new followers! Do you think that’s real or you think I’m being shadow banned there too? Enough with the censorship and the anti-conservative #bias!” he said, posting a screenshot.

Trump Jr. spoke to the massive power of Big Tech companies – some of whom have tried to censor POTUS.

“If social media can do that to the president, then no one is safe. I do not believe that such an error could possibly account for the extent to which conservatives are silenced by Big Tech,” he said. “The sustained pattern of leftward bias both within the companies themselves and in their conduct around elections has been clearly established. After all, when is the last time you heard a liberal complain about being unfairly stifled on social media?”

He continued, discussing Section 230 of the Communications and Decency Act, which protects companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter, as “publishers,” which has been a hotly contested subject of debate after Facebook lawyers recently appeared in court.

Trump Jr. noted that Big Tech is actively shutting down free speech, an idea that the “True Conservatives” in Washington, D.C.’s punditry class have failed embrace, instead claiming that private companies have an absolute right to ban people from their platforms as they wish. Some of those “True Conservatives” have started to change their positions after they realized that they were not immune from Big Tech’s wrath, which is exactly what we’ve been warning them against since they cheered the bans of our own Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, and others.

“Which sounds more like free speech to you? Google, Facebook, and Twitter wielding their unchecked power to silence conservative voices while avoiding the obligations imposed on normal publishers? Or citizens and political candidates freely expressing their opinions online without fear of suppression?” Trump Jr. asked. “The disdain shown by technology companies for viewpoint neutrality and their refusal to be honest about it shows the threat of the Silicon Valley monopoly over the modern public square.”

We couldn’t agree more. Hopefully President Trump will take action against Silicon Valley and bring back his most ardent supporters and influencers before the 2020 election cycle heats up.