A prominent Democrat donor and liberal political activist Terry Bean, who raised over a half million dollars for former President Obama’s reelection campaign, was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly paying off a teenage victim he sexually assaulted not to testify against him and make the charges go away.

Bean, a high-profile figure in gay rights circles who co-founded the Human Rights Campaign and Gay and Lesbian Victory fund, was charged in 2013 with sodomizing a 15-year old boy in a Eugene, Oregon hotel with his then-boyfriend, Kiah Loy Lawson.

The trained broker, who raised over $500,000 for Obama’s reelection bid, was indicted in November 2014 with two counts of third-degree sodomy and one count of third-degree sex abuse, but released on bail hours later after posting 10 percent of his $50,000 bond.

However, Bean’s then-criminal defense attorney, Derek Ashton, paid the young boy to conceal the sexual abuse, according to law enforcement officials.

The teenager was slated to provide testimony in 2015, but on the eve of his scheduled court appearance, the boy described in court records by his initials, M.S.G., refused to testify, resulting in a dismissal of the case.

Portland Police Bureau Det. Jeff Myers and Lane County Deputy District Attorney Erik Hasselman contend Ashton improperly compensated M.S.G. to ensure he didn’t testify and would not be found by investigators.

Bean was apprehended Wednesday on a warrant accusing him of 2 counts of 3rd degree sodomy, both felonies, and a misdemeanor sexual abuse charge on the 2015 case.

He was booked into the Multnomah County Jail Wednesday but bailed out of jail the same day he was arrested. 

According to court records, Myers claims, Ashton and the boy’s attorney, Lori Deveny, negotiated a $220,000 settlement and masterminded an elaborate scheme to assure investigators wouldn’t find the boy ahead of his testimony.

“She told me not to talk to certain people, she told me to go on the run at a certain point,” M.S.G. told law enforcement officials, according to Meyers. “So, if I did testify I was told I wasn’t supposed to get my money. So that’s why I did not testify. And that’s why my attorney told me to go on the run.”

Deveny then allegedly hid the boy in a cabin in the mountains outside of Portland, gave him cash, and a “burner” phone, the detective continued. ​

Earlier this year, however M.S.G. decided to move forward with pressing charges when he discovered Deveny confiscated most of the $220,000 Bean agreed to pay him as a civil settlement, prompting the district attorney’s office to refile sexual abuse charges against Bean and Lawson.

In January, Bean, now 71, was indicted a second time on felony sodomy charges for the same crime. 

His ex-lover, Lawson went to trial first and was found guilty in September on two counts of sodomy in the third degree, a Class C felony, and one count of sexual abuse in the third degree, a misdemeanor, the Willamette Week reports. He was sentenced to just two years in prison.

Bean was slated for trial in November, but he hired a new criminal defense attorney, resulting in his trial being postponed until May.

Bean has also contributed thousands of dollars to numerous powerful Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, Sen. Dick Durbin, former Rep. Barney Frank, and former Rep. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, according to the Federal Election Commission’s campaign finance database.

The alleged child rapist has even been seen in photos circulating online standing alongside Obama on Air Force One.

According to Oregon local news, Willamette Week, “Obama called Bean a ‘great friend and supporter.’ The president in 2012 hosted Bean on Air Force One, and when Obama visits Oregon, Bean has had the honor of greeting him as the president gets off his plane.”

The lack of media attention devoted to covering the arrest of one of Obama’s top donors evidences the media is a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party, particularly for the popular former president, USA Today warned.

“Conservatives complain that President Obama gets a free pass from the media, which acts as a de-facto public-relations shop for the Democrat in the White House,” USA Today’s Brett M. Decker wrote.“Never has that charge seemed truer than now as an ugly rape scandal unfolds on the West Coast.”