The State Director of the Minnesota Chapter of The Freedom Speaks Coalition, Marni Hockenberg, about whom LauraLoomer.us has previously reported on has taken her battle (and it is a battle) of and for freedom up to the good city of St. Cloud.

The event Ms. Hockenberg had traveled up to protest was the”Dismantling Hate Crimes” event being held at the local public library. This farce, a panel discussion meant to present only the simulacrum of tolerance and understanding, was set up by the Human Rights Commission, and included the St. Cloud Police Chief and none other than the loathsome reprobate, Jaylani Hussein, the Executive Director of CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations. CAIR notoriously has strong ties to known foreign terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR is also what Ms. Hockenberg correctly refers to as “an unindicted co-conspirator…” in the infamous Holy Land Foundation trial. This is the man that the Human Rights Commission seems to deem fit to patronize the city of St. Cloud with self-pitying propaganda and the inherently ridiculous ideal of Islamophobia.

The purpose of Marni’s excursions was two-fold: 1) To shine light on the dark and poisonous relationship between CAIR and the FBI (which had previously disavowed working with CAIR) and 2) to expose, as Ms. Hockenberg’s protest sign showed, “CAIR Is HAMAS”. That is an unforgivably little known fact, given the mountains of evidence in both legal documents and by well-known political figures, such as former presidential candidate, Ben Carson.

The panel was canceled as result of the protest. Hockenberg appears to have somehow managed to eclipse her incredible accomplishment of restoring the pledge of allegiance to St. Louis Park’s council meetings, which had previously been banned, possibly the courtesy of notorious Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

At this point, the Islamist-sympathizers among the local media (which were far more than there should be), went into Oscar-winning tantrum, and the boring, familiar, and imprecise tropes of Islamophobia, pacifism, and tolerance, sprung forth, like metal filings to the magnet. One example of this literary excrement comes to us from the alleged news outlet, The SC Times. The SC Times said that Hockenberg and her acolytes were at the library to “silence discussion”. An extraordinary claim given the fact that this was an entirely peaceful, albeit enthusiastic, rally outside the library, made even more extraordinary by the fact that the St. Cloud Police Chief himself was at the rally!

Local news outlet, FOX9, states, admirably and truthfully, that “St. Cloud police say there were no direct threats made against the panel or members...” which is, in fact, the full and complete explanation of the level of calamity that Hockenberg strived for. That didn’t stop the event from being postponed due to what is so ludicrously referred to as “safety concerns”. In fact, the local sheriff’s own Twitter account stated that there were no threats, though that post was hastily deleted. That does seem to somewhat strain the natural serendipity of coincidence.

What then can be the true nature surrounding the event’s cancellation? As Commissioner for the Human Rights Committee of Minnesota Rebecca Lucero states, “the goal of the forum was to discuss a community where you want to create one that is full of dignity and joy”. As Hockenberg states directly, ” [Rebecca] didn’t have to cancel the panel. There was no threat. What were you afraid of? 20 middle-aged people with signs?” Hockenberg also adds that the group wanted to sit peacefully in the audience and “ask questions of the panelists. [After all] isn’t that our constitutional right of free speech? After all, the panel promoted itself as open to the public”.

Hockenberg’s own sentiments are that, because of a fear of negative publicity, the FBI pulled out of the soiree. The implied question is as follows, if the FBI pulled out of the panel, why would they have the panel? Also, could it be that CAIR didn’t want to be exposed as HAMAS in light of all the evidence?

Mark this as a solid local win for Marni and the Freedom Speaks Coalition. But the wins must keep coming. As the great Gene Kranz said, “failure is not an option” in the perpetual struggle for freedom which, as Ronald Reagan famously said, “…is never more than one generation away from extinction”. And as Hockenberg herself closes by saying that Americans must “…affect change and reclaim America and put freedom back on the offensive where it belongs”.

Josh Cohen