Big Tech giants in Silicon Valley, known for censoring conservatives arbitrarily and kicking them off of their platforms, have formed their very own censorship task force.

“The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism has announced today that it plans on hiring an executive director and separate staff to lead the initiative, which was formed a little more than two years ago,” according to Engadget.

Formerly, the organization was an unofficial conglomerate made up of Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube employees. Now, it will become its own organization entirely, and will add other tech giants Amazon, Whatsapp and LinkedIn to the mix.

The move reportedly comes in response to the Christchurch Mosque shooting, in which a deranged man killed several in New Zealand.

“Group members today met with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at the United Nations General Assembly to discuss how social media giants are complying with the Christchurch Call to Action. The pledge — written after a mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand that killed 51 people was broadcast on Facebook Live — called on technology companies to help advert such incidents,” according to the report. ” Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Google and Microsoft back in May joined the pledge.”

To be clear, combating extremism is a noble cause. But as we’ve often noted on LauraLoomer.us, Big Tech is overly antsy to label those with ordinary conservative beliefs as “extremists” as a pretense to kick them off of their platforms. That’s exactly what Facebook did in May when it banned our own Laura Loomer, along with Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, and Alex Jones, all within an hour of one another. Facebook labeled them as “dangerous individuals.”

Big Tech has already put conservatives in the same category as violent extremists by banning them the same way they ban mass shooters, or those who threaten violence. Meanwhile, Facebook briefly suspended Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while the terror group HAMAS remains active on the platform, Twitter banned the entire leadership board of Latinos for Trump, presumably because it does not fit with the desired narrative that Trump is a white supremacist, and YouTube nuked Right Side Broadcasting Network – the only organization that live streamed all of Trump’s rallies.

News of the newly organized censorship task force comes only days after Facebook announced that it will implement its own “Supreme Court” to hear appeals about content that has been removed from the platform.

We reported:

According to Facebook’s new charter published Tuesday, the social network giant will begin employing a virtual Supreme Court to oversee appeals from users whose content has been censored or removed from the platform.

The oversight board will ultimately be comprised of 40 members when its fully staffed, but it’s preliminary staff will consist of 11 members.

Members of the adjudicating body – former judges, attorneys, journalists and publishers— will be paid through a multi-million dollar trust and have three-year term limits. They will, however, be permitted to “serve” for three terms.

Our Silicon Valley overlords are becoming more obviously totalitarian by the day. It is only plausible to believe that their centralized power will be used to silence those with the “wrong” opinions.