Antifa never fails to show its hilarious roots whenever it organizes in public.

What is a mostly upper-middle class, white movement on college campuses and in gentrified urban areas, where liberals with white savior complexes call black cops “coons” for preventing them from rioting in the streets (and to prove how totally non-racist they are, as opposed to those extremely racist Proud Boys, chaired by Afro-Cuban Enrique Tarrio), has unsurprisingly taken to the most upper-middle class, white professional sport in America – professional soccer.

And like Antifa and the political left does with everything else, they inject politics into something that is inherently non-political.

So, it’s unsurprising that in late August and early September, the Major League Soccer’s Portland Timbers were forced to take a stand against their own fans, the “Timbers Army” which was displaying Antifa “Iron Front” signage at their games.

“I think it was the belief of the league and the clubs that fans are at our games to enjoy the game and that there is a place for third-party political organizations or groups to express their views, but that place isn’t within our stadiums,” the MLS’s Deputy Commissioner Mark Abbott told Associated Press.

The league banned all political signage, not just Antifa logos. But Antifa wasn’t pleased, and has been crying sweet, salty tears ever since.

“This symbol is important because it comes from a time and place that we would do well to learn from,” the Timber’s Army said on its blog after the Iron Front was banned.

The group went on to explain that the symbol was designed in 1920s Germany by antifascists, and how important it is that they be allowed to display the logo at games because exactly like 1920s Germany, America is today under the occupation of Nazis, and how they are the modern day antifascists fighting back against the Bad Orange Man who wants to enforce immigration policy.

“It is especially important for me, as a Jew whose grandfather barely escaped Vienna in 1939, getting a visa to come to the United States the day after the Germans annexed Austria,” the blog post continued. “The vast majority of his family — my family — were murdered by the Nazis, and the Iron Front was the symbol of opposition. It has since been adopted by American antifascists, like myself.”

Except for the fact that Antifa is the group causing all of the violence and social division in the streets, and that President Donald J. Trump isn’t Adolf Hitler, the Timbers Army totally has a point.

The group was so outraged by the ban that they organized a silent protest in a game during the Seattle Sounders, apparently a large rivalry in the MLS. They Timbers Army was totally quiet for the first 33 minutes of that game – one third in soccer terms.

They released the following video on their verified Twitter account:

Hilariously, the Sounders scored a goal during the silent third of the game, and the Timbers went on to lose 2-1, causing strife between the Timbers Army and the team’s owner Merritt Paulson.

“I was one that he was yelling at and that is precisely what he yelled. I yelled ‘Merritt Fight for us!’ He said ‘You can yell Anti-Fascism all you want but you fucked this team tonight!’ I yelled ‘be a humanitarian’. There was more yelled but honestly couldn’t hear everything,” fan Jeffrey Ball on Twitter.

Costing your favorite soccer team a game to own the “fascists” is actually a hilariously perfect metaphor for Antifa. They are everything they claim to be against.

They supposedly fight right-wing authoritarianism, but they shut down debate. They’re supposedly non-violent, but they club people over the heads with bike locks and assault reporters like Andy Ngo. They’re supposedly non-racist, but call black cops racist names, and they’re supposedly Portland Timbers fans, but they caused their team to lose.

Way to go, dorks!